How often to give girls jewelry?

Girls in the understanding of men are gentle, fragile, cute creatures. Men often compare them with flowers: each lady has her own unique charm, as well as in a flower.

Probably, therefore, the representatives of the stronger sexlove to pamper ladies with flowers. Especially love flowers romantic, sentimental nature. No less desirable gift for any girl is an ornament. If your beloved loves flowers and jewelry, present it as a token of a chic jewel in the form of a flower. You will see how
Jewelry, donated by a man's beloved person, cantell about his feelings and intentions. From time immemorial the strong sex gives ladies jewelry - earrings, rings, pendants and bracelets - for birthday, for name-day, for the day of lovers and simply without reason. There are also men who do not pamper their girls with jewelry - prefer to give others, in their opinion, more practical things. But if you conduct a survey among the fair sex, the answer will be unambiguous - to give jewelry still worth it, and

Costume jewelery, silverwareconceit, elevate the mood, allow you to look original not only on holidays, but also on weekdays. Is this what the men want? Make your girl happy. Even if this happiness she sees in sweet trinkets, which can be changed, combining with different outfits. Why does jewelry as a gift lead girls to delight?

  • Ornaments from precious metals are not only beautiful, but also valuable present. As a rule, expensive jewelry it is customary to give to the closest, dearest people. Any girl will be pleased to realize that her young man values ​​relationships and feelings, considers her a native person;
  • Golden ring or silver set, anyjewelry, are usually presented in a beautiful package. It can be a velvet case in the shape of a heart or a dove, a flock bag or a box with a bow. There are no women who would not appreciate such a gift - a beautiful gender in men appreciates romance and fantasy;
  • Earrings or a ring can be presented to your beloved girl in an original way - to make a surprise, which she suddenly discovers in a certain place;
  • Jewelry of precious metalgive at the time of the offer hands and hearts. Therefore, every girl will be happy to get from her young man an engagement ring with a diamond and a declaration of love.

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