Down jacket Pinko for girls who know their own price

down jacket pinko

The history of the Pinko brand began in 1980., when 2 young designers P. Negra and K. Rubini decided to start a business. Thus, the company for the manufacture of clothing CrisConf SPA. Collections of the brand were issued weekly. Due to the energy and talent of Pietro and Cristina, their undertaking had a stunning success. By the end of the eighties, the Pinko brand was born. Down jacket of this company and today is associated in many with luxury, glamor and impeccable style. The brand gained fame in everything: by 2002, about sixty branded stores were open in different countries, as well as about five hundred outlets.

pinko down jacket

Pinko girl - active and energetic. She is not afraid to emphasize her own dignity and she knows her own worth. Sexy, bright and audacious style of this brand is also fond of many popular women of fashion. For example, the advertisers of this brand were Eva Herzigova, El MacPherson, Naomi Campbell, who worked several seasons with Pinko. The famous top model, which is known for its heavy, rebellious nature, was able to convey the spirit of the clothes of this Italian brand like no other.

Today, in branded stores, you cansee several different lines: Pinko One, Black, Panther and Sunday Morning. Even the most fastidious and capricious woman of fashion can choose something for her own taste. Cocktail dresses and chic evening, glamorous outfits, beautiful sports models, fashionable down jacket Pinko. And of course, brand shoes, original accessories and bags, which are also distinguished by excellent quality and bright unforgettable style.

Down jacket Pinko is able to change the look at the winterwomen's clothing. Each girl in it will look unusually elegant and excellent. And who said that in the cold season you do not want to captivate the men's hearts and seduce? Pinko knows a lot about beauty and can be profitable.

female down jacket pinko
How can you protect yourself from bad weather and cold andto remain attractive at the same time? Designers Pinko on this question found the answer. Down jacket Pinko will protect you from frost, as well as provoke the enthusiasm of others. With voluminous collars, fitted, easily embracing shoulders and favorably emphasizing the figure, these models will immediately conquer you.

Women's down jacket Pinko is beautifuloption for walking. The combination of materials of different textures visually overstates the waist. The knit inserts on the back of each of the sleeves and on the sides provide a comfortable fit for this jacket to your body. And if you put on a soft beige jacket of this incredibly popular brand, then you will look amazingly romantic. Its main highlight is the unique finish of the back: on it across the width are ruches from the blades to the very end. The jacket has a soft belt with a strict beige buckle, similar straps also run along the cuffs of the sleeves. But the edges of such a down jacket on the sides are longer, which visually lengthens the silhouette of a woman.

Winter - this is not an excuse to cancel the long-awaited meeting with the man you dreamed about! Be irresistible and feminine in your down jacket from Pinko, then the success and fire in his eyes are guaranteed to you!

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