Winter down jacket: what to wear this thing with?

In the winter season look stylish andfeminine becomes a non-trivial task. Of course, you can wear a fur coat, if there is such a possibility - this wardrobe object is associated with the image of a real lady, if properly selected for the figure and appearance. But most residents of cities will say that public transport, an active lifestyle, and simply the rhythm of a megacity with a fur coat are not very compatible. And because of the favorite winter clothes were and are all kinds of down jackets. They are distinguished by their weariness, practicality, low weight and convenience. But there is one "but": if there is a down jacket in the wardrobe, what is the best way to wear it?

down jacket with what to wear
As the weather is expected to be cold,say categorical "no" to different dresses and strict skirts. They are not combined with down jackets at all. To wear them, choose warm weather and a coat or cloak suitable for style. And we'll talk about the down jacket after all. With what to wear such clothes? An excellent option for such voluminous jackets will be jeans (of any model). Best dense, but even style. Very tight-fitting will visually make the legs look like matches, and too wide will add an unnecessary volume to the figure. But the usual - the classic even jeans, - is quite suitable for down jackets. Also, they will be good in combination with jackets dark even trousers, but in no case is not a classic cut. The Kazhal or the military will be much better combined with clothing such as a down jacket. "With what to wear it from shoes?" - our next question. In recent years, boots-ugg boots have become favorites. In them, it seems, two-thirds of the owners of fluffy jackets took their shoes. If you do not hate such a banal option, you can follow their example - after all, this footwear is warm, comfortable, and it looks funny in combination with a down jacket. Also look good comfortable shoes with lacing and flat travel. Or boots on a wedge. Heels with down jackets do not look very good, it is better to avoid them.

what kind of hat to wear with a down jacket
Now let's move on to the headgear. What kind of hat to wear with a down jacket? Excellent options will be different knitted hats, the main thing is that they come up to the oval of your face. But classic hats, caps and fur hats should be chosen very carefully - they can make the image too eclectic, and even ridiculous.

beige down jacket with what to wear
Well, what about the color? Down jackets now produce all the shades of the rainbow. And they should choose their own appearance. It should be remembered that white and light models are also impractical with regular trips in public transport, although they look, of course, spectacularly. An alternative, if you really want a light clothing, can be a beige down jacket. With what to wear such a thing? With dark contrasting trousers, hats and shoes of rusty, brown, chocolate or burgundy shades. All of them will be perfectly combined, making the ensemble warm, cozy and stylish. Conversely, a blue, blue down jacket should be combined with red, gray, black and purple hues.

Thus, if in your city the winter dictates its conditions, do not be afraid to get a down jacket. With what to wear this wardrobe thing? The question, as you see, is solved simply.

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