Addresses of the shops "Insiti" in Moscow. Customer Reviews

"Insiti" - chain stores stylish, everydayand comfortable clothes for women and men. Thanks to the company's prudent pricing policy, any buyer can afford to buy clothes. The assortment constantly changes and is updated, and on old collections it is always possible to find very pleasant discounts.

What is interesting about the brand

The brand Incity appeared in 2005 and tookleading positions in sales of women's and men's clothing, accessories for home, work, recreation and celebrations. In Russia and CIS countries, the number of stores is more than 250 outlets.

Addresses of Intiti stores in Moscow or the regioncan be found on the company's website with the same name, where the catalog of all products is presented: from underwear and accessories to outerwear. You can also contact the call center and get answers to exciting questions. Or you can find on the map the address of the "Insiti" store in Moscow or another city closest to your home or office.

Inciti addresses of shops in Moscow

The stores have a bonus system,allowing regular customers to participate in contests, promotions and receive additional discounts on their favorite clothes. To do this, you need to register a club card, register and present at each purchase; it accumulates bonuses. If you connect to any variant of alerts from the brand, you will always be aware of the interesting events taking place in Insiti.

Stores Incity

The largest number of outlets are representedin the capital of our country: 33 addresses of the shops "Insiti" in the city center and 21 on the outskirts. This number grows every year, it's always nice to buy quality clothes at an affordable price, and to update the wardrobe is not at the expense of your wallet - the dream of any buyer.

Stepping accessibility of Intiti stores in Moscow

Of the total number of outlets (and there are 54 in the capital), 28 addresses of the Inciti stores are indicated in Moscow by the metro, including:

  • Prospect Mira, 211, m. "VDNH";
  • Highway Enthusiasts, 12/2, m. "Aviamotornaya";
  • Ul. Lublinskaya, 153, "Bratislava";
  • Izmailovo shosse, 71A, "Partisan";
  • Walnut Boulevard, 22A, "Domodedovo";
  • Novoyasenevsky Avenue, 1, "Teply Stan";
  • Solntsevsky Prospect, 21, "South-Western";
  • Altufevskoe highway, 70, Altufevo;
  • Ul. Planernaya, 7, Planernaya;
  • Ul. B. Semenovskaya, 16, "Electrozavodskaya";
  • Leningradsky prospect, 76A, "Sokol";
  • Ul. B. Cheremushkinskaya, 1, "Academic";
  • Ul. Glade, 8, "Boulevard of Dmitry Donskoy";
  • Ul. Bibirevskaya, 10/2, station "Bibirevo";
  • Ul. Shchukinskaya, 42, "Shchukinskaya";
  • Sheremetevskaya street, 60, "Marina Grove";
  • Ul. Festivalny, 2B, "River Station";
  • Golovinskoe highway, 5, building 1, "Water Stadium";
  • Bagrationovsky travel, 5, "Fili";
  • Khoroshevskoe highway, 38A, station "Begovaya".

moscow shops subway addresses

If for some reason you can notto visit the store, which is in walking distance, the online store is always at your service. There is current information on the presence of an interesting model of linen, clothing or accessories. And if you like the position or size is temporarily absent, then you can indicate your desire to be notified as soon as the item arrives at the warehouse for sale.

Customer feedback on the brand's clothing Incity

According to consumers, the addresses of the shops "Insiti"in Moscow there are so many that you can find them anywhere in the city. It is very convenient for buyers. Many reviews of "Insiti" relate to the theme of the assortment and the conduct of various promotions and sales. Buyers agree that the most profitable purchase will be in the period of large discounts, as they believe that prices are overstated by the assortment of the store. As they say, the "price and quality" ratio is not entirely correct. But if you have a bonus card and accumulated points, you can pay for the purchase, the cost of which is up to 50% lower than the original one. This is a unique marketing move, unlike analog stores.

In Moscow, the metro stores "Insiti"characterized by high attendance due to the large flow of people. And this means that the assortment of outlets are updated at a regular frequency, which is an additional reason for customers to visit the store as often as possible.

shops insiti in Moscow metro

Not only assortment, marketing programs, but also quality of service of shop, cleanliness and an order in locker rooms mark a positive estimation many buyers.

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