An important detail of the outfit - shoes at the prom

May. For whom it's just the end of the school year. And for someone this is the last school year, and it ends with a graduation ball. The graduation party will remain in the memory of every person for life, and really want everyone to have only the warmest memories of this evening. In addition to successfully passing the exams, the girls will have a lot of trouble preparing for the graduation ball. After all, the graduation is only once in a lifetime, and there is nothing to fix it, so every girl wants her appearance to be perfect, and she became the queen of the ball. Choose a dress and shoes at the prom - it's not an easy task. Although, it seems that this is complicated, because all the shop windows are full of graduation clothes, there would be money and taste. But the fact is that both dresses and shoes are designed for girls with an ideal figure, and there are not many such graduates.

Suppose that you already have a dress, and,then half the image is ready. Remained the second, important part, it's right to choose shoes for your prom dress. Here, too, should be guided by certain rules. If you could choose a dress based on your taste, well, and a purse, then you should pay special attention to shoes at the prom. The main factor in choosing shoes for the prom is "convenient" - "inconvenient". After all, you have to spend in this shoe not an hour or two, but most of the evening, and in them you will not only sit, but also dance, so first of all shoes should be comfortable.
To avoid overshadowing a holiday with such a phenomenonlike corn, and do not look around for a pharmacy stall to buy a band-aid, when choosing the shoes at the graduation you need to carefully measure. Of course, we did not open America with this fact. Of course, buying any shoes it needs to be measured, but when choosing shoes for graduation, there should not be one that it is better to take on a smaller size, taking into account that then they are carried. After all, shoes are worn after you have them dressed for five times, and not for a minute, but for at least a couple of hours. But I think that you do not want to go to the graduation in shoes, not the first freshness. Do not be shy to walk in shoes on the store, and walk not a minute and a half, but ten minutes, fifteen, in the end, for fitting until no one takes money. With this fitting, you will immediately understand the comfortable shoes for graduation or not, you can spend a lot of time in them, or not. If you bought shoes, then as soon as you came home again carefully examine them and measure, if suddenly something will be wrong, you can immediately hand over them.
Of course, shoes with a hairpin of 17 centimeterseveryone will conquer, but I think your legs will not be happy with such shoes. For the prom, it's better to choose the best option, and buy shoes with an average heel. If you think that only a high heel will make you the queen of the evening, then pay attention to the shoes on the high platform. After all, the platform is much more stable and comfortable than a thin hairpin, and in such shoes your legs will not get so tired. But all the same it is better to take care not so much beauty, but as for comfort. Imagine if your classmates decide to meet the sunrise while walking around the city. And how do you feel yourself after a night spent in your stunning "stilts". Although the legs are not so tired, you can take shoes with no heels. For example, when you dance, you'll just change your high-end shoes, or a hairpin, to more comfortable shoes, and your feet will rest, and you yourself will be comfortable.

Such an element as a prom dress shoes is bettergo pick with your girlfriend, for example, who will advise you whether they will fit yours alongside or not. Shoes should be selected in the same din, and in the same style as the dress itself. It would be inappropriate to pick up white shoes under a black dress. But if you decided to experiment, how to choose shoes for a suit, then it is better to do it with a stylist, so as not to look ridiculous at the graduation party.
I think our advice will help young beauties.

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