Unusual lacing of the shoe

The gym shoes are, no doubt, great: they are light and comfortable, they can walk where it will be uncomfortable in open shoes, but they have one significant drawback - it's painful they all look alike. Of course, the fact that we all wear them in different ways, somewhat brightens the picture, but still I want sometimes to somehow refresh this pretty standard shoes. Here, an alternative lacing for the sneaker can come to the rescue.

Most of us are used to lacing sneakersin the usual way, which is also called zigzag, when the string is threaded alternately into holes from different sides, the different ends of the lace fall crosswise. There may be two variants of such lacing - in the first lace is threaded inside the boot, and in the second - respectively, vice versa. The second option is often used for lacing the shoes and shoes for demonstration in shop windows. Undoubtedly, this is a fairly convenient and simple way to quickly remove and put on shoes due to easy loosening of the lacing, but for sure many have already become boring, and I want to try something new.

Naturally, there are other types of lacingked, and, quite a lot of them. Some of them are of practical importance, and some are purely decorative and do not have special comfort. Let's consider some of them.

For example, the second most popular form is the directlacing. Initially, it had a purely practical purpose: thus it is recommended to tie shoes in many armies of the world, because in case of injury, this lacing is easy to cut with a knife, which provides quick access to the injured limb. Later, it was adopted by those whose activities are associated with increased injuries, for example, extreme sportsmen. It also became widespread in radical circles. Thus, usually a lace of high shoes or shoes is produced. This lacing looks neat and laconic and perfectly suited for the already overloaded with details of shoes. There are several ways of direct lacing, such as lacing, ladder, and so on.

Of the decorative options can be noted verypopular lately in the form of a lattice or web. This is mainly lacing the shoe on a thick sole, as this option looks best on voluminous shoes with six holes and thick laces. Despite the fact that it looks rather intricate, it is done quite simply and quickly. To do this, you need to insert the lace as for a normal lacing, namely, so that both ends of the lace come out from the bottom holes outwards, but the next will be not the second, but the fourth holes. Then you need to pass the end of the lace into the next hole from the inside and go down to the second hole on the opposite side, and then make two more parallel first line. The same thing needs to be repeated with the second end of the lace, and the beautiful and fashionable lacing of the shoe is ready.

Another unusual and beautiful kind of lacing isa chess lacing of a sneaker. It is made on the same type of shoes and laces as in the previous version. To do this, first sneakers lace any of the straight laces, and then you need to take a string of contrasting color and pass it perpendicular to the first in a staggered order, hiding the beginning inside. This option is suitable for those shoes that do not need to tighten the laces, since it will be almost impossible, but its spectacular appearance will be provided.

Thus, it would seem, a banal detail,laces, can give a new sound to ordinary sneakers, so if your beloved shoes are bored, you can just experiment with the laces, give them a completely different look.

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