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Modern women of fashion for a long time when choosing clothesguided by its brand. The most popular of them are foreign producers. It just so happened. Post-Soviet space can not boast of a large number of quality clothing manufacturers and famous designers. However, the volume of sales does not always indicate a high level of the product. Therefore, Russia also has at least a few designers, but very talented, those who put their souls into their work. A bright representative of the fashion industry is Ekaterina Smolina, who managed to win the hearts of many women with her original solutions in creating clothes.

екатерина смолина

Life Path

Very few facts are known from the life of thisdesigner. Basically, all interviews with her take place on the theme of the brand and the history of its creation. But the fans of our heroine's talent are so interested in her biography. Ekaterina Smolina grew up in a family of doctors. Since childhood, Catherine was fond of sewing, created clothes for her dolls. After graduation she entered the medical university, following in the footsteps of her parents. When there was already a diploma in her hands, Catherine once again plunged into her dream - to become a designer.

Creating and developing a brand

Designer Ekaterina Smolina understood that forstart-up business needs a starting capital and a reserve of forces. Therefore, her reliable companion was Julia Karginova. The amount that was initially invested in the business was only 40 thousand rubles. So since 2004 the Fashion House of Catherine Smolina has been created. Girls decided to specialize their design activities specifically on women's coats. This idea of ​​its kind is rare, because a minority of fashion industry workers choose a narrow direction in their activities, creating a certain subject of the wardrobe. Just the same, this decision was the trump card that played into the hands of the brand.

Ekaterina Smolina and her partner at the very beginningtheir activities used only their own work. Having created the first products of his talent, the girls decided to sell them. They turned to the stores where they brought their creations. But here the designers suffered a series of setbacks. As it turned out, their sketches were stolen. Things on them were already sewn by someone else. Coat Ekaterina Smolina created original, unlike other models. The first copy was red, the style emphasized the figure. The coat was embroidered with beads. And then such a failure. But the strength and endurance of young talents helped to counter the unpleasant factors. They decided to personally sell their coats.

Saving on delivery, the girls took materialsthemselves in the minibuses. They made buttons at home, the whole family sat on sorting beads. The first coat was sold for 14 thousand rubles. This event was inspiring for designers. They rushed to work with new strength.

A new idea was the desire to produce not only a coat, but also a wardrobe item such as a jacket. This time, Ekaterina Smolina also faced theft of sketches.

And finally, there was a radical turn inactivities. The girls hired two tailors and one instructor, rented a room, bought two sewing machines and launched their own production. It was 2005 year.

fashionable house of catherine

Brand Popularity

Coat Ekaterina Smolina came up with and createdelegant, quality and unusual. Only natural fabrics were used. Prostrochena outerwear was original and high quality. The color palette differed in its splendor and laconicism (the models were classical, pleasant, traditional colors: black, white, red, warm beige, coral tones). The first lot was sold at the exhibition - 15 coats for 75 thousand rubles. From this moment, the outer clothing from Catherine became famous in St. Petersburg.

Ekaterina Smolina and Yulia Karginova are activedistributed their coats in stores, and later began to sell products by mail. In 2007 they took part in the fashion show "Defile on the Neva". Realizing the relevance of their coats, Catherine decides to open her own store. It took 2 years. In 2009, St. Petersburg replenished with a clothing store from Smolina. And in 2011, a boutique was opened in Moscow.

biography екатерина смолина

Features of the coat from Ekaterina Smolina

Coat Smolinoy called "upper dress". And not in vain. Silhouette is always feminine, he emphasizes the figure, looks elegant and elegant. The decor uses various elements that make the coat exclusive. Fabrics use natural and quality. Colors are chosen noble, classical, gentle. Actively used fur for insulated coats. Bizarre cut, creases and other design solutions can not go unnoticed.

Ekaterina Smolina justified her sphere of interests(women's coats) by the fact that she, like any inhabitant of St. Petersburg, understands how the raw weather in the city affects the wardrobe. Layering saves from cold weather, but does not make a woman graceful. Therefore, Catherine decided to take up the production of outerwear. The collection includes summer light models, and demi-season, and warm winter coats. They are decorated with lace, interesting buttons, knitted brooches, leather straps.

Coat Ekaterina Smolina

Other wardrobe items designed by the designer

Ekaterina Smolina previously specialized only inon the creation of a coat. Now in fashion collections are presented and vests, and light blouses, skirts, dresses, trousers, shoes and bags. You can find velvet or with floral prints sneakers. There are also bags with fringes, chains, presented in classic black color and tender spring tones (turquoise, pink, light yellow and others). You can also buy vests with perforations, cozy models with a three-dimensional collar or a classic cut. Summer and warm skirts of business style, with perforations and fashionable floral patterns, asymmetrical edges are also represented by this brand. Now you can buy blouses and shirts with voluminous bows, brooches in the form of flowers in airy and tender tones. Cozy, elegant dresses of classical and noble shades deserve the attention of many women.

designer екатерина смолина

Fashionable advice from Catherine Smolina

This designer does not go on about all the fashionabletrends. Catherine repeatedly mentioned in an interview that not all trends can favorably emphasize the female silhouette. Therefore, for her the criterion of good taste and style is exclusively femininity. Instead of changing their wardrobe with every fashion show, Smolina recommends stocking only accessories: gloves, straps, bags, jewelry, brooches, shawls, hats. Catherine believes that these items can not only emphasize the individuality, but also significantly refresh the wardrobe of any woman.

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