Training suit for figure skating. Costumes for performances

Figure skating takes a special place amongwinter sports. This is both a tremendous physical load, and the need to approach the process creatively. After all, the speeches of such athletes - this is a real work of art, a miniature play, which is able for a few minutes to tell the audience a whole story of feelings and relationships. In order for the athletes to feel confident on the ice, the selection of skates and other accessories is very important. An irreplaceable attribute will be the correct suit for figure skating. The requirements for it are the most stringent.

The importance of choosing the right clothes for training

costume for figure skating

You probably noticed which representativesthis kind of sports are beautiful outfits. The costume for figure skating flawlessly sits, an unusual style and amazing materials make it bright and stylish. Nowhere there are pulling folds, nothing shrinks and does not sag. Everything sits so perfectly, like it's a second skin. Many viewers are often tormented by the question of how all this splendor rests on the slender bodies of representatives of such a complex sport as figure skating. Costumes for performances do not have external fasteners, buttons and lightning. We will study the features of clothing cut for athletes.

Materials for tailoring

figure skating costumes for performances

In order for rehearsal and presentation to passeasily and flawlessly, there must be a number of factors. Ice should be well prepared and moderately rolled up, partners should feel good and go through the warm-up. All accessories must be carefully selected. In an ideal condition there should be a suit for figure skating. For its tailoring, special matter is used - supplex. It has unique characteristics. Biflex can not only stretch out to the maximum in all directions, but also instantly return to its original state without deforming even after prolonged wearing and washing. It is these qualities that are needed in such a complex sport as figure skating. Costumes for performances can also be made from stretch velvet, plush, guipure, mesh and satin. The following requirements are imposed on the materials from which the models are made:

- Maximum lightness and weightlessness.

- Providing a special microclimate under the clothes.

- Ability to pass air.

- Excellent anti-static properties. The kit should not be electrified and stick to the body, otherwise the whole impression of the elegant cut and bright colors will be spoiled.

- Antibacterial properties. The qualitative matter must prevent the propagation of harmful and pathogenic microorganisms.

- Antiallergenic composition. If during the performances or trainings the skater starts to itch or get covered with red spots, and in the worst case it becomes choking, you can put a cross on the quality of the number.

The basic rules of cutting comfortable clothes for athletes

So, in order for the outfit to look good, you need to use quality and safe fabrics. No less important is the sewing of clothes.

A talented designer who works withindividual orders, approaches the process creatively. First he necessarily listens to the music that will accompany the number. This is very important, because only so the master will be able to create in his head an image that he will want to realize.

For girls, first prepare a swimsuit fromsupplex. In order for the kit to fit tightly around the figure, this piece is sewn one or two sizes smaller. Later, a skirt is sewn, which usually has a length to the middle of the thigh. In order not to violate visually the proportions of the body, it is attached to the body slightly below the waist line. The skirt can be made of any matter, the most important thing is that it is longer than the buttocks by two fingers. In front it can be shorter. It is these requirements that are imposed on women's outfits used in a sport such as figure skating. The costume for the girl is sewn in exactly the same way.

For male skaters, an elasticshirt with long sleeves. Pants are sewn in a classic cut. They have a dense belt. The material for them is better to choose dark saturated tones. It is best to use a tight stretch, which will perfectly hold the shape for a long time.

figure skating costume for girl

To ensure that deep cuts are notflared open during movement, their edges are connected by means of a flexible mesh-colored net. It is sewn to the bare parts of the body, attaching it to the set. Also, the net is used for sewing sleeves, which gives them an aesthetic appearance.

For decoration use a variety of additions. These are rhinestones, sequins, stones and appliqués that are glued or sewn onto the fabric. To do this, the ready-made kit is put on the mannequin so that the fabric is stretched. After that, stones and crystals are glued, sewn with zigzag applique.

When the outfit is completely ready, it is compulsorycheck for tension and comfort. The skater puts it on and completely works out the number. If the clothes do not break proportions and do not create discomfort during movement, then you can use it for performances. If there are inconveniences, then the kit is sent for revision to perfection.

Particular attention should be given to detail when sewing children's costumes for figure skating. Convenience and freedom of movement are very important for the child.

training suits for figure skating

How to choose a training suit for figure skating?

Most of the time athletes spend onrehearsals and classes. Training clothes should be selected taking into account the features of the figure, nowhere to rub or reap, let it move freely for a long time. Modern fabrics perfectly absorb moisture and provide air exchange. In addition, they have antistatic, hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties.

Of course, the ideal option is to purchasedresses, which are sewn on individual patterns. In any case, before buying, clothes should be checked well: there are no defects and damages. You also need to walk in the kit, poprised, do a few pa, to understand how comfortable it will be for you to perform in it. Only after that you can talk about buying.

How to choose a dress for performance?

In order to successfully roll back the number, the skatershould feel comfortable. The sets for performances have the same requirements as for training. In addition, very important and attractive appearance. Usually such dresses are sewn to order individually for each athlete. They are decorated according to the general theme of the room. Due to this, it is almost impossible to meet two participants in identical or strongly similar sets on ice shows.

The choice of style is largely limited by the requirementsorganizers of the speech. So, there are certain requirements to the length of the skirt and the degree of closure of the kit, depending on age and sex.

Councils of figure skaters on how to choose training suits for figure skating

children's costumes for figure skating

In order for clothes to be comfortable and practical, the following factors should be considered:

1. It must protect the athlete from injury.

2. The materials must be strong and wear-resistant.

3. The cut must not contribute to the disturbance of blood circulation and respiration.

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