Shopping in London: photos, recommendations and reviews

Going on vacation in the UK? Shopping in London - this is something that should not be abandoned. Do not even doubt it. After all, shopping in London - one of the most wonderful entertainment. It has a lot of advantages.

Shopping in London: plan ahead

So, more in detail. Shopping in London, of course, is necessary in advance. And it's worth starting with the air tickets themselves. In principle, you can meet only seven thousand rubles. Once again, clarify: only in the event that you begin to be determined with such nuances as early as possible. The visa is issued, as a rule, for six months (or even for a longer period). Thus, for one visa you can go to England several times. If the purpose of your trip is shopping - think about living near the center of the capital and Oxford Street, the main shopping street in London.

Huge popularity is enjoyed by largedepartment stores. They can buy almost anything. In some of these shopping centers only luxury goods are sold. In others, more affordable goods. Many of these stores have their own sites on the Internet, where all products and prices for it are listed. Accordingly, every tourist can easily familiarize himself with the assortment, specifying for himself what he wants to buy, and how much it will cost. Sometimes this avoids even spontaneous rash waste.

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Large department stores

Shopping in London is also very interesting. The main thing is to know where to go. One of the most famous London department stores is Harrods. Here you can buy food, cosmetics, shoes, clothes, souvenirs and household goods. At most, this is luxury goods. However, during the sales in the department store, you can make a lot of excellent purchases at absolutely affordable prices.

Many tourists in their reviews celebrate the networkshops House of Fraser. Here you can also buy shoes, clothes, furniture and various household products. True, the price range is much wider than in Harrods. Presented in stores and luxury brands, and inexpensive goods. Among them: Radley, Hobbs, Ted Baker, Lulu Guinness, Aspinal of London, etc. By the way, many of the things presented here are available only in London. That is, you get a great chance to buy exactly what you do not get in Russia.

Not less popular chain of department stores with low prices are the shops of John Lewis and Selfridges. If you want to buy the goods of famous designers, visit the Harvey Nichols department store.

shopping in london reviews

How to get there?

Shopping in London reviews gets exclusivepositive. Especially if the stores are located in the most convenient areas of the city. Harrods is located at the Knightsbridge metro station on Brompton Road, 87-135. This store is the most famous in all of London.

"House of Fraser" is located on Oxford Street, 318, at the Oxford Circus metro station. The stores of this network are located at many other addresses.

The largest Selfridge store is located at Oxford Street, 400 (Bond Street metro station). One of the most lively and interesting shopping centers.

The largest store "John Lewis" is located on Oxford Street, 300. Here, almost the most affordable prices.

Regent Street has a premium-class store called Liberty. In the restaurant you can also visit the restaurant and the literary drawing room.

On the same street there is a huge toy store "Hamlis". It was discovered in 1790 by Hamley William.

"Harvey Nichols" - a shop at the underground station "Knightsbridge." This is a shopping center for lovers of youth fashion.

On Great Castle Street there is a shop "Top-Shop". The largest clothing store in the UK capital for young people.

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Some nuances

Inexpensive shopping in London, yet, not so muchIt is simple, as at first glance it may seem. Do not forget about some of the nuances. Suppose you want to return the value-added tax. In England it is 17.5%. So you have to make a purchase of at least 75 pounds. After that, a special check is made in the store. Showing customs officers packed shopping at the airport, you get stamps on checks. After that, you will return the above interest from the spent amount to the credit card. They can also be given in cash at some special exchange offices. Just do not forget that for cashing can take and additional commission. It is best to return money to the credit card.

Remember also that in making in Londonpurchase, it is necessary to take into account the local system of shoes and clothes sizes. It differs from the Russian one. As a rule, in the stores there are tables in which the sizes of different countries are compared.

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Shopping streets

What else you need to know about shopping? Escort in London to the most famous places guides - a common thing for many tourists. Many people say that it is very convenient. Not everyone knows all the shopping streets and shops. And even more so the most convenient ways to these points.

The main shopping street of London is Oxford Street. It is here that most of the famous shops offer consumers a variety of goods at very democratic prices.

Regent Street also boasts a huge number of shops. On Bond Street there are many boutiques of luxury brands.

Keep in mind that most of the shopsworks up to 18-19 hours. Maximum, up to 20. Unlike the Moscow retail outlets, working late, such schedule of guests of the capital of Great Britain can be surprising. Especially in winter, when you want to use a light day for sightseeing, and evening for shopping.

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When to go shopping?

But that's not all! Shopping for a house in London is not always convenient. Reviews say that it is desirable to come to the UK during sales, as mentioned above. In winter - from early December to late January. In summer, the period of discounts continues throughout the season - from early June to late August. Prices at this time are reduced by almost 70%.

A lot of sales are also held in the New Yearholidays. At Oxford Street in this period, it happens, it's just impossible to push through. On the sidewalks flow huge streams of people running around various shops. Turns to cash registers and fitting rooms are much longer.

Small discounts (up to 30%) can be obtained during off-season sales. In April and in October.

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Bicester Outlet Shopping Village

Thus, an incredibly exciting experienceis considered a shopping in London. Shoes, clothes and all kinds of goods for the home, not during the sales, to buy in the capital of England is best in the outlet. Visit Bicester Outlet Shopping Village, you can save a lot on purchases.

You can reach the outlet by bus, train orby taxi. Trains from the city go from the London Marilynbone station. The journey time is about an hour. To the outlet from the station Bicester then there is a special bus. There is one ticket for him and for the train. At the ticket office, you only have to say that you are going to Bicester Village.

In principle, shopping in London is considered one of thethe best in the world. Of course, because it is the birthplace of many famous designers and brands of shoes and clothes. Judging by the reviews, it's extremely difficult to get back from here without good purchases. Here you can find quality items for every taste at affordable prices.


Another way to do shopping in London. Photos of such outlets can not but attract the attention of tourists. The variety of inexpensive goods makes it possible to purchase exactly what you need without much difficulty. Many markets operate without days off. One of them is the Camden Market. Nevertheless, it is best to come here on Saturdays.

Simple clothes in the markets, however, acquireit is undesirable. But all kinds of unusual souvenirs - always please! In the market Camden Market you can buy clothes designed for various subcultures, or national. Just for a couple of pounds, you can buy here, for example, a hand-painted T-shirt or an original cap.

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Market Portobello, working exclusively onSaturday, offers buyers books, unique souvenirs and antiques. Here it is customary to bargain with the sellers. The initial price sometimes falls by as much as 90%. However, care must be taken. In the markets - a very large thricket. Therefore, here there are a lot of pickpockets. Carefully watch your things, so as not to overshadow the joy of the purchase.


In a word, if you want fun, interesting andusefully spend your free time - go shopping in London! Shops and markets will please you with an abundance of goods and quite democratic prices. You can buy here men's, women's and children's clothes and shoes from famous designers, goods for personal care and for the house. By the way, budget designers often visit budget stores themselves. They argue that they can find a lot of things that only a couple of months will become relevant.

Good advice: on the outskirts of London there are many shops where you can buy a lot of things at lower prices than in the city center. And among them, even one of the largest in the country. Here you can "get stuck" for almost the whole day. Although in large shopping centers are also places for recreation - cinemas, cafeterias, hairdressers, etc.

Outlets give an opportunity to residents and guests of the citybuy chic branded things. The consumer is offered designer shoes, clothes and a variety of accessories at great discounts. Pay attention only to the fact that in outlets you can sell things with a small marriage - those that are unfit for sale in boutiques. Here, in principle, and all that is necessary to know. Pleasant shopping!

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