Women's shirts in a cage - fashionable at all times

This season, clothing in the cage is very popular. This print is presented in the collections of many famous designers. One of the fashion trends this summer was women's shirts in the cage, made in various stylistic solutions.

In the summer, a wide variety of shirts are in fashion. It is popular as a fitted, and free silhouette. Wide long sleeves are one of the trends of this season. Extended models of shirts are also at the peak of fashion. Such models can be worn with a bright thin strap and leggings.

women's shirts in a cage
Women's shirts in a cage can be worn in anyweather. For summer warm days models from natural fabrics will approach, and on a cool weather it is possible to pick up a shirt from a soft flannel. There are even models of evening plaid shirts. They are often made of artificial transparent materials.

This season in every wardrobe is compulsoryshould be a shirt in a cage. The female model of this shirt combines several styles. There are elements of cowboy style, grunge, country and a bit of hippy. It represents the spirit of freedom and self-confidence.

Usually women's shirts in a cage combine2-3 colors. Most often on a white background, transverse and longitudinal bands of gray, black, red, green, blue and other shades are drawn. The cage can also be of various sizes, from large to very shallow.

shirts in a cage for women
A large cage is not recommended for womencomplete, since it makes the figure massive. A miniature suit such shirts in a cage. They will help visually increase the chest. The length of the sleeve and the finish can be very diverse.

Women's shirts in a cage can be combinedpractically with all items of the wardrobe. With shorts, skirts or monophonic trousers. Especially good these shirts will look with narrow jeans and a leather strap with a metal plate. Shirt in this case it is better to fill in jeans.

Under the shirt, you can wear a T-shirt, unbuttoning ita few upper buttons, and on rainy days you can put on top of a poncho or knitted cardigan natural shades. To create a cowboy image, a checkered shirt can be combined with leather boots. And if you wear it with narrow trousers or leggings, then shoes or high-heeled sandals will become an ideal footwear.

shirt in a cage female
Dressing something with a checkered shirt, it should beAvoid prints and bright shades. It is better to use monochrome things, it is desirable that their shade be the same as one of the colors of the cell. Otherwise you will look too mottled.

In summer you can put on a shirt with rolled up sleevesin combination with shorts and ballet. And to create a business image, you can wear it with a pencil skirt. In general, women's shirts in a cage can be selected for any life event.

In every women's wardrobe must bebe two or three checkered shirts. They will help to look confident and comfortable in any situation. A cell in a trend in almost every season, which means that the owners of such things as women's cage shirts will always be at the peak of fashion.

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