Gortex - footwear on the membrane: description, reviews

In modern times quite often usedmembrane material gortex, shoes of which are waterproof and breathable. The manufacturer, which introduced this innovative technology, also recommends using it when sewing outerwear, which is ideal for cold and wet weather, characteristic of the climatic conditions of our latitudes.

The invention and purpose of the technology of gotex

Innovative and irreplaceable inventionmodernity is considered the material of the gortex, shoes and clothing from which is waterproof and absolutely waterproof. This development of the popular company W.L. Gore & Associates, which patented the above material in 1978.

Among the fans of gortex products is not onlyprofessional athletes, but also just lovers of a rich and active holiday. The most popular technology has acquired in such industries as skiing, tourist sport, mountaineering.

Gotex Shoes

Material properties

Fabrics gortex, footwear of which surpasses allThe remaining materials in many parameters are created by applying a special coating produced with the same membrane. The technological process includes sealing, which is mandatory to achieve the necessary moisture resistance properties.

Membrane properties:

  • excellent air permeability;
  • resistance to cold conditions;
  • the ability not to get wet for a long time;
  • practical and long service life.

A distinctive feature of the above mentioned fabrics is their innovative membrane, consisting of two basic elements.

Doutiki for women

Components of the innovative membrane structure gortex

Membrane gortex, shoes from which it takesleading positions in the market, is only two-component. Its fine particles are made from a modernized type of polytetrafluoroethylene containing a huge amount of tiny pores. If we compare them with water, then the drop is 20 thousand times the size of the pore, but at the same time it is 700 times larger than one molecule of steam. Therefore, the water in its liquid state can not seep through the membrane, but in the form of vapor, that is, in a gaseous state, can leave through it.

This substance is capable of repelling oil and passing steam, so that at the physical level it serves as a barrier against the entry of ethers, dust and similar foreign materials.

Based on the composition and properties of the membrane, we can conclude that it is absolutely breathable, waterproof and protects from the effects of wind.

Gotex Shoes

Technological features of the membrane: shoes made of multilayer materials

The specific components of the gortex are multilayered and sealed.

The multilayer structure is achieved thanks tomembrane, which is present between the two tissues, and the latter is characterized by the highest air permeability. In addition to the production of footwear and clothing, these structures are used in creating accessories that are most predisposed to wear.

Sealing is a very important componentof each product. For example, during the sewing of a piece of clothing or when making shoes using a machine needle, holes are formed, even microscopic ones, but through which it is possible to get liquid inside. At the same time, none of the tissues is able to protect you from the effects of moisture in the event of the presence of stitches on it.

To achieve absolute sealing of the holes from the sewing needle, the advanced technologies GORE-SEAM and MicroGORE-SEAM are used.

Boots of Gortex

Basic principles of footwear production using the technology of gortex

  • Absolute waterproof, thanks to the pores of the membrane of a microscopic size, which are tens of thousands of times smaller than a drop of water.
  • Excellent windproof qualities, excluding the possibility of penetration of cold air to the body.
  • Permeability, due to which dryness is ensured.
  • Frost resistance, which is one of the main factors of use of such shoes in the winter.
  • Resistance to bending.

Winter boots price

Varieties of winter shoes

There are many kinds of shoes, the creation of which uses technology gortex. The most common are dummies, boots, boots and boots.

Sports options for casual shoes

  • Doutiki women meet all the requirements,The requirements for winter footwear, including air permeability, lightness and heat. The top layer in them consists of leather in conjunction with textiles or from moisture repelling structures. In the middle, there is a membrane with innovative impregnation, and wool structures or heat-retaining polyester textures play the role of the lining.
  • Boots (gortex is used in theirproduction), as a rule, are carried out in a sports interpretation, which in appearance resembles warm sneakers. The innovative membrane is used in tandem with natural top materials. The warmth of such shoes is achieved through a successful combination of membrane structures and natural leather. The advantage is also an excellent grip with a surface and a rubberized sock, protecting against unwanted damage.

Borders Gortex

Classic variations of membrane winter shoes

  • Boots. Gortex is the embodiment of unsurpassed design, environmentally friendly materials and incredible security. The most perfect interpretation of boots is a leather model that successfully complements any image, retains heat and ensures air circulation, thanks to a felt insoles, and also prevents the ingress of moisture, which is achieved through the membrane structure.
  • Bertsi. Gortex is also used in their production. Such shoes will become a real find in the cold season. Initially, the Birches were considered to be exclusively army gear, but today they protect even the ladies' feet from the cold and moisture. In the women's fashionable images, this object is increasingly appearing, acquiring a stylish, improved appearance. Despite the somewhat rough appearance characteristic of men's shoes, such birches are light enough in weight, warm and waterproof, thanks to the membrane structure, and reliable, which is ensured by the use of natural leather material.

Reviews of women's shoes, made on the basis of Gore-Tex

  • Admirers of quality footwear are compulsorywill come to taste dutiki women, made with the use of membrane technology. They are the embodiment of warmth and frost resistance. Perfectly they withstand temperatures of 10-15 degrees below zero, are an indispensable footwear for long walks with young children, thanks to their convenience and practicality. The only vulnerable point of these boots, judging by the responses of women, is a white strip on the sole, which after a short period of time turns into gray and unattractive.
  • Membrane winter boots, the price of whichvaries within the limits of 6-8 thousand rubles, can have not only a fabric surface. There are excellent modifications of leather materials and nubuck. Both inside and outside, such shoes are soft and extraordinarily comfortable, despite the lack of a fastener as such. The appearance is absolutely not inferior to the quality indicators.
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