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Modern fashion dictates its terms, and no matter howCool, many ladies observe them. Every year new trends appear, designers offer new ideas. But for the last few decades, the dress is always the feminine element of the wardrobe. To date, women's dresses are very many, and the number of their styles and styles can not be listed. Some girls and women prefer to sew this clothing themselves or from professionals, others - to buy the finished product. As for the latter, many women of fashion fell in love to choose the model online and order a dress with "Aliexpress." This internet outlet is known all over the world, and besides dresses, quality clothes for every taste and color are sold here.

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What is "Aliexpress"?

"Aliexpress" is one of the largestChinese shopping web sites. In its structure, this site is similar to eBay and others, which are among the Internet hypermarkets. Here, the goods are sold by different sellers, including companies and individuals who are independent of each other. The assortment of the site contains a lot of goods from different groups. Therefore, it is not difficult to purchase a jacket, T-shirt, skirt or dress with "Aliexpress". The site presents products of Chinese production at low prices.

Buyers are insured thanks to the Escrow system- this is an analogue of the PayPal payment system, so there are almost no risks when buying. The seller receives payment only when the delivery of the order is confirmed by the buyer.

Product range

Products for sale are amazingits diversity. What can the online shopping complex "Aliexpress" boast of? Clothes, household and office equipment, mobile phones, computers, laptops, furniture - this is not a complete list of what can be bought here. As provided by the owners of the site, he had to allow a person to choose on the Internet absolutely everything, without leaving home.

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Additional services include the delivery of an order forspecified address, as well as the possibility of returning the goods in case it is defective. Some companies offer their customers free international shipping, or it can be included in the cost of the goods.

How to make an order?

To order, for example, a dress with "Aliexpress",you must first register on the site. It is worth noting that in the form all fields must be filled with English letters, otherwise registration will not be successful. Only after creating a personal account can you start searching for the desired products.

Search through the search box by typing inthe name of the object or thing. After clicking the "search" button, a list of all the found goods matching the query will appear on the screen. In addition, it is possible to search by categories and sections, which also provide for the sorting of the products found by the producer country, methods of delivery and payment, etc. If you stop the selection of a dress with "Free Express" with free shipping, a small list may appear, as few firms offer such a service.

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Variety of clothes

It's no secret that on the website of "AliExpress" clothesIt is very popular due to its democratic prices and excellent assortment. Many women of fashion can easily find here analogues of branded things, in no way inferior in texture and cut.

Among the products offered by the representativethe weak sex is chosen by everything from underwear, swimsuits and finishing with outer clothing, including coats, jackets, coats, sheepskin coats. Of course, warm clothes are in high demand in the autumn-winter period, and the lungs are in high demand in the summer. But absolutely at any time of year ladies get dresses. On the trading platform "Alyekspress" dresses for women and girls are offered for purchase both in retail and in bulk. Depending on the seller, some models are available for order per piece, and some - for ten or even one hundred units.

How to choose the size?

On the site, anyone can always looka table of sizes, even if it is not registered, but came in as a "guest". In order not to be mistaken with the purchase of a thing, this table must be studied in advance and determined with the size. In the table for the female audience, the chest, waist and hip volumes are usually presented, and there may be additional items. Considering the fact that there are a lot of sellers on the marketplace, then the sizes of dresses from "Aliexpress" are all represented, i.е. a thing can be found on any figure. In addition to the size, it is worth paying attention to the seller's rating, because it is very important. The number of positive ratings is a clear indicator of the quality of work.

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Customer Reviews

As statistics show, women of fashion from differentcountries buy blouses, skirts, sarafans, dresses with "Aliexpress." The reviews left on the site indicate that it is popular both in Europe, Asia, and in the CIS countries. Thanks to reviews, likes and estimations of buyers it is possible to judge the seriousness of this or that seller and draw conclusions. As for the quality of the product on the site, here the opinions vary.

Many people like Aliexpress, notea large selection of products, low prices, good-natured sellers. One of the most important advantages users consider a cash-back guarantee, if the order for some reason did not come. Also, the advantages are quick processing of orders and the ability to deliver anywhere in the world. There are discounts for different product groups, bonuses, promotions, coupons, including a system of discounts for purchases through a mobile phone. There are group purchases, as in this outlet.

Negative feedback informs thatbecause of the large number of sellers, the same goods they have differently called, has different characteristics and price. This complicates the search. With regard to the quality of clothing, there are often negative assessments, because the real thing does not match the image in the photo. For example, many people write that instead of the declared wool the fabric turns out to be synthetic, and the cut leaves much to be desired. Based on this unfortunate experience, users do not advise on this site to take clothes.

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But most of the reviews are still positive: those who received goods of poor quality returned their money without problems.

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