Francisco Randez - model, television and radio presenter, actor, journalist

Francisco Randez (Francisco Randez) - a man of universal abilities. Not having finished one business, it already thinks out, than to it to be engaged in the further.

Biographical information

In Montreal, in the family of a Spaniard and a Canadian,light of Francisco Randez. Year of birth - 1980, June 10. Since childhood he painted, that's why he graduated from the College of Mari-Vikturen and became a bachelor in fine arts. This was in 1997. And before, while he was a teenager, Francisco Randez worked as a bartender in the corner of his grandmother's shop.

francisco randez

Since 1998, he is noticed - his appearance rushes intoeyes, and he begins a modeling career. In 1999, he was shown on TV at the show "Golden Claw" (La Griffe d'Or). At this time with him working designer Philip Dubuck. He is invited to fashion shows in Europe. In front of him are opened the capital of fashion - Paris, Milan.

Canadian model

A young Canadian acquainted with Jean-Paul Gaultier. This acquaintance, which began in 2003, will last five years. Maitre makes him the face of his truly male spirits Le Male, which emphasizes their name: Le Male is a male, a brutal man. He gets acquainted in the mass media. Francisco Randez, realizing that he himself needs advertising, willingly gives interviews to representatives of the press, radio and television.

Friendship with TV

In 2008, he first started workingjournalist of Montreal television. He is already 28 years old, and Francisco Randez is considering his future. As a journalist, he is sent for six weeks to Panama to create a program called "Traveling Exotic Panama". The premiere took place in September 2009.


This young sports man is fond of martial arts, martial arts and boxing. Then his interests were transferred to the field of athletics - running at 100 and 200 meters.

francisco rendez year of birth

At the Institute in Montreal, Francisco Randez studied the course of massage therapy. He also took part in research on naturopathy, as he is interested in a healthy lifestyle since childhood.

Computer games

The look of Francisco interested the creators of the game"Assassin's Creed". Office Ubisoft found Rendez with his model agency Folio. They were looking for a face with Mediterranean features. At the first photo shoot it was shot from different angles so that you could create a 3D model. The second time Francisco depicted joy, anger. So the character Altair ibn La Ahad turned out. Then there were Auditor de Firenz and Desmond.

Male models

Fashion is created for everyone. Even for dogs and cats. What can we say about the strong half of humanity? Male models with delicate experiences that they can reflect, with an unflappable, unshakable appearance and courageous appearance are always in demand. And they, of course, must be sexy. All of them are engaged in sports as one. Their preferences include baseball, football, Thai dance (what exotic!), Paintball, sailing, mountain biking, snowboarding, fishing. Some people have music, guitar, photography. There are also people who are engaged in charity. They are looking for and finding.

male models

Here are the most famous names: Adam Senn, Adrian Cardoso, Alex Landquist, Alexandre Cunha. You can name at least a dozen names, or even more. Just stop, so that no one offends their admirers. There are many desirable models for men. With their appearance, logic and common sense are forgotten, and we are glad to see them on the catwalks.

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