Dresses in Chanel style these days

In 1926, the world of fashion recognized the small blackThe dress of Coco Chanel is the standard of femininity and impeccable style. The very creator of the fashion empire accidentally discovered this cult thing - Gabrielle (real name couturier) put on a dress, as a mourning for a very dear to her man. In a few months, the strict style of the dress and laconic color conquered the world of fashion - never before the black tone was not so popular.

Dresses in Chanel style

Dresses in the Chanel style had a number of significantpluses: simple for sewing style, the creator herself recommended to the dress modest decorations, so that even poor ladies could afford this new trend.

Gabrielle Chanel created a number of rules for her creation:
- Knees should be strictly covered - Koko said: "You can open your hips, but never open your knees";
- The dress must have strict sleeves, but it is better not to have them at all;
- cutout on the chest must be rounded;
- ruffles, collars, fringe and other elements of decor are inadmissible;
- with a dress combine black stockings, shoes on a small heel, and a handbag-envelope.

Classic dress, according to regulationscreators, can wear owners of slim build and smooth long legs. Although, looking at modern fashion, we can say with full confidence that almost all rules women are neglected. Dresses in the style of Coco Chanel these days, unfortunately, are not limited to such a strict framework. Often, they can be found only as a supplement to an office extravagant jacket, or to a chiffon cape in a romantic style.
Dresses in the style of Coco Chanel

A modern look of a little black dress in styleChanel differs significantly from the classical view. Variety of styles and the presence of decor elements allow you to choose a similar outfit for every taste. Very actual tailoring dresses to order: you can modify the cut dresses at your discretion, add folds and drapes that will emphasize your personality.

Common fabrics for sewing are consideredjersey, cashmere, costume fabric. Velvet, chiffon and silk will be appropriate only for special occasions. It is worth remembering that for owners of full hands, the presence of a sleeve is mandatory. Stop your choice on a universal length - a black dress suggests that you can put it on both the office and the party. The style of dresses up to the middle of caviar is suitable only for girls with the ideal form of legs.

With what to wear dresses in the style of Chanel

For solemn occasions are ideala pearl thread or a necklace with diamonds. In business style, light neck cords look good. As already mentioned, the dress is combined with elegant shoes on the heel. If your thing is too short, give it austerity of style will help tight pantyhose black and a modest hairstyle. When creating make-up, the skin tone is very important, because black color strongly distinguishes it. Use a light foundation.

Custom-Made Dresses

When buying a small black dress,that it will be relevant for many more seasons, so stop your choice on the expensive model of the best quality, which ideally sits on your figure. Koko herself did not like the fast-moving fashion. Dresses in Chanel style are a constant attribute in the wardrobe of many women, regardless of the change of fashion trends.

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