Where to buy a coat in Moscow cheap: shops, review, description, models and reviews

Coat - this is one of the most popular optionsouterwear. In today's market provides a huge selection of models and styles, which allows you to choose clothes for every taste. That is why many buyers are interested in the question: where to buy an inexpensive coat in Moscow? The choice depends on the cut, the fabric and the type of figure.

where to buy a coat in moscow inexpensive shop

Criterias of choice

Before you buy a coat in Moscow cheap, you need to pay attention to the following important factors:

  • Cut and style.
  • Type of figure.
  • The cloth.
  • Seasonality.
  • The presence or absence of a belt, a gate, a hood, etc.

With these parameters it is desirable to determine up tohow to find a place where to buy a coat in Moscow is inexpensive. The store will offer different options, which are difficult to understand. If you pre-determine the necessary criteria for yourself, then the choice can be made more simple and quick.

buy a coat in moscow cheap

Where can I buy?

Where can I buy cheap clothes in Moscow? To date, there are many opportunities to purchase inexpensive, but high-quality outerwear. As for domestic manufacturers and traditional stores, a good option is products from the factory "Kaliayev", as well as from the firm "Cashmere of Moscow".

You can not forget about online stores thatAlso offer excellent prices and quality options. In recent years, more and more buyers prefer online shopping, which allows you to view a huge number of options without leaving home. Shops offer products from both domestic producers and high-quality foreign brands. The assortment includes demi-season and winter coats, variants with fur and without it, as well as down jackets. With unsatisfactory quality, almost all online stores offer a replacement product or a refund.

in Moscow to buy a woman's coat inexpensively


This option is quite largepopularity and offers women's coats in Moscow inexpensively. The store operates in an online format and has branches in almost all major cities of Russia. Thanks to this order can be obtained almost the next day.

An important advantage of the store is that itallows you to try on a purchase before you pay for it. This allows you to purchase only the option that really fits and likes. In addition, the store offers a variety of payment methods, including both bank cards and a variety of electronic options.

As for the shortcomings, so is the rangestore. Since the catalog includes not only outerwear, but also accessories and shoes, the choice of only the coat is not very large. Despite this, Lamoda is a good option if you need to find a place where to buy a coat in Moscow is inexpensive. The store offers both winter and demi-season options.

 women's coats in moscow inexpensive shop


Domestic producer, which offersa fairly wide range of outerwear and is an excellent place where to buy a coat in Moscow is inexpensive. The store itself is engaged in production, which makes it possible to make products more affordable financially.

The company provides coats, coats, vests, andalso other outerwear. The range of products is constantly expanding, taking into account both world trends and personal wishes of customers. For the convenience of the user, clothes, other than the shops themselves, are also available on the website. A convenient virtual catalog allows you to familiarize yourself with the options and models without leaving your home. The store also provides a convenient payment method and a clear line of rulers.

 women's coats in Moscow clothing stores


In Moscow, to buy a woman's coat is inexpensivehelp of the Pompa store. It is quite a popular company that offers quality outerwear. The advantages of this option is the availability of unique design models that can not be found in other stores, as well as the use of European fabrics of high quality. The chain of stores has a nice design, professional consultants and comfortable fitting rooms.

As for the shortcomings, here, in part, you can include the price. In comparison with some other options, the product is more expensive, but also better.

"Cashmere of Moscow"

In Moscow, to buy a woman's coat is inexpensive fromcompany "Cashmere of Moscow". The firm offers up-to-date and modern models for women of different ages and types of figures. The company's products are represented by high-quality and expensive fabrics from Italy, which, accordingly, affects the cost of outerwear.

The company focuses on individuality,exclusivity and uniqueness. The chain of stores is located in convenient places, and the shops themselves are well-equipped. The company constantly pleases its customers with novelties, and each model is provided in a suitably wide size range.

where you can buy inexpensive clothing in Moscow


A large Russian company that produces andsells women's coats in Moscow clothing stores. In addition to this, the company offers fur coats, sheepskin coats and other leather and fur products. The brand has existed for 25 years and offers products of its own factories, which allows the organization to control the quality of each product.

The advantage of the store is enougha wide range of high quality goods. Also, the company offers the best prices, so it will be an excellent place to buy a coat in Moscow inexpensively. This is achieved through the production and use of predominantly domestic raw materials and fittings. The disadvantage is some standard type of outerwear and the lack of original and unique options.

 where to buy cheap coats in moscow


Buy a coat in Moscow cheaply you can witha specialized Paltoncino coat store. All the outerwear offered by the organization is made of high-quality natural Italian fabrics. The shop has been working in the sale of coats for many years, therefore it offers a wide range of products, which is constantly expanding in view of world fashion trends.

The store offers products in different styles,styles and colors. The products are presented in wide dimensional rulers, as well as in various lengths. The peculiarity and distinctive feature of the goods is their originality and exclusivity. Designers offer original models that are not available in other companies and allow you to stand out and demonstrate your taste and uniqueness. Attention also deserves a creative approach, in which each version of the coat is provided in several different versions. As for the shortcomings, here it is possible to carry the cost of goods. The price of coats and other types of outerwear in this company is slightly higher in comparison with other similar options.

Cashmere on Krasnopresnenskaya

This option is a great place to buya coat in Moscow is inexpensive. The store offers high-quality men's and women's outerwear. The company unites more than 70 domestic garment factories, which makes it possible to provide its customers with a very wide range of products. For products we use high-quality and environmentally friendly fabrics and accessories from domestic and foreign manufacturers.

The advantage of the store is democraticcost of outerwear, as well as a flexible system of discounts and special offers for regular customers. The store also offers over a thousand coat options for buyers of different ages and types of figures.

"The Snow Queen"

It is one of the largestdomestic chains of fashionable outerwear. To date, the organization has opened more than one hundred outlets in the capital and large cities of Russia and is an expert in the field of fashionable outerwear and accessories, concentrated in one store. The company offers both its own products and internationally renowned foreign brands. The firm is awarded numerous awards and prizes and constantly works on its growth and development.

Stores are presented in a convenient format withavailability of professional consultants, which help to choose an option for each client, taking into account its shape and personal preferences. The disadvantages include the cost of production. The price of coats and other outerwear in stores of this company is higher in comparison with similar options.

When choosing a coat, severalimportant factors, including the type of figure, fabric, seasonality, style, cut, etc. In order to be sure of your choice, you need to contact trusted stores with high reputation and adequate cost.

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