How to choose trouser women's suits in accordance with the rules of style?

It so happened that trouser women's costumesare associated exclusively with the business stylistic direction. And this has its own truth, for it's not for nothing that a stiff English dress code declared this kit a thing of the must-have class of a business lady's wardrobe. But the stylists and designers form new frames, and so the pantsuit in women takes on new forms.

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So different models and styles

Women's trouser suits occupy in collectionsfashion houses are more and more places. The secret of such popularity is explained quite simply: they combine femininity, comfort and style. Therefore, consultants on image building are advised not to confine themselves to the framework of the business style.

Fashionable women's costumes today are presented inthree main areas: business, everyday and evening. Each of them sets not only the cutscale, but also what color scale is to be chosen, and also on what fabrics it is worth stopping so that the dress strictly corresponds to the chosen image.

Business suit can be considered a classic of trousersladies' sets. A fitted jacket that ends exactly in the middle of the thigh, and straight trousers with an average waist, complemented with a top or blouse - that's what trouser women's suits look like that are the business card of a business lady. As a rule, all of them are presented in the most restrained color scheme: deep blue, black, marsh green, chocolate. Accents can only be placed with a top or blouse, which are also enclosed in pastel colors: white, yellow, pink, but all muted shades.

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It's different - evening fashionable women's costumes. In this case, the stylists are advised to confine themselves solely to the individual characteristics of the figure. And so it is quite permissible combination of dress coat and tight trousers, shortened jacket and alladins, the limitation is imposed only by imagination. Needless to say, the color palette differs radically from the one that business suits are set: bright colors that shine in the light of the soffits, this is exactly what you need for an evening out.

evening trouser women's suits

A certain compromise between the twokinds of steel trouser women's suits in the style of business casual. It seems they took all the best from them: the strictness of the business and the slightly trimmed color palette of the evening. So, it will be quite decent to look a set of a short jacket of a dark shade and snow-white blouses and trousers.

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Three variants of a suit

And yet a womanalways remains itself. That's why even office trouser women's suits should look really attractive. So why not make a classic black and white kit? It is worth trying on a jacket in the style of Coco, slightly flared black trousers and a strict blouse tied with a black bow tie. You can supplement the outfit with a female version of oxford.

office women's trouser suit

For the party, a black kit consisting of trousers flared from the hip, a blazer executed in truly male lines, and high-heeled boats will be interesting.

business-casual suit

The style of the business jacket will allow wearing more vivid shades: a sand blazer can be completed with straight lilac trousers, snow-white top and beige boots with an open nose.

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