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German shoes Rieker has been popular in the world market for quite some time. This shoe company has five factories and 15 production sales centers in many countries.

Rieker shoes
The main company is located in Switzerland. This company has grown significantly over the last 30 years, and you can buy Rieker accessories and shoes in any European country.

The company was founded by the German Henryk Riker in1874, and first produced products for wealthy Italians. After a while, Rieker shoes earned a positive reputation and even became a standard of quality throughout Central Europe.

This company since the establishment of the companyand to this day is a family business, passed through generations. Its traditions, style and quality are invariably preserved throughout the whole period of its existence. After Henry, his three sons were engaged in the family business, and then his grandson Marcus, who still runs the company successfully. It is thanks to him that Rieker shoes deserve worldwide recognition and success.

German shoes rieker
In 1880 the company built more factoriesin the territory of Europe, including in Switzerland. Six years later, Rieker shoes became famous in the USA. In this country the shoe corporation Rieker was founded. Then the company's products appeared in the markets of Great Britain and Canada, becoming one of the most famous in the world. Today, 12,000 employees work for Rieker. Production facilities are located not only in Germany, but also in Slovakia, Romania, Tunisia and Morocco.

The footwear of this company ishigh-quality, has a beautiful appearance and gives a sense of comfort. The goods of this company are in demand among business people with a crazy life rhythm that want not only to look good, but also to feel comfortable.

Rieker's products are not just shoes. In the creation of each model, elastic and light materials are used, which make it possible to create a special design. Distinctive features of the products of this brand are a maximum of comfort (a feeling, as if walking without shoes at all), excellent damping on any surfaces. The internal space of the shoes is quite free, as a result, there is no pressure on the legs. In addition, it has a minimum weight.

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Products Riker combines the beauty of design andthe convenience of athletic shoes. Riker's shoes are orthopedic. If it's right to choose the size, it does not deform the foot, does not press, does not rub and is suitable for daily wear. Shoes Rieker, reviews of which say that it is the most convenient and easy, helps a person who chose her to walk freely in the modern world.

The name of this company for many years speaks ofinimitable comfort and impeccable quality. In the collections of the firm for a long period of its existence, many models have been developed, made with a special, specially developed and patented technology. In this regard, many buyers can choose the models of interest to them in taste and size.

The company has developed a new line of anti-stress shoes, combining the striking ease and flexibility of the sole.

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