Master-class from the star: the style of Selena Gomez

Stars of the stage, show business seem to usreal celestials, which are so far from mere mortals. However, both the first and second impressions are deceptive, and inaccessible idols in life are very simple, sociable and lovely people.

Persons, persons, persons ...

style of Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez - a young charming singer,an actress, a beginning fashion designer and generally a very attractive girl. For teenagers and young people, she became a role model in hairstyle and make-up, clothing and behavior. Style Selena Gomez - an interesting mixture of simplicity and convenience of everyday life with good taste, soft femininity and grace, elements of sexuality. The image created by her is an excellent example of how skillfully selected clothes, shoes, accessories, hair and makeup can make a beautiful princess from an ordinary girl. Of course, to spend on the outfits of the amount that the star spends on itself, few of the young can afford it. However, the very style of Selena Gomez is by and large accessible and democratic. And dress the way she dresses, choosing suitable models at suitable prices - these girls can afford.

Beauty, the grace of the girl's figure is underlinedwill effectively look in the outfits of a classic jet, directions "casual", clothes for the street, etc. An important condition is to match your age, dress stylishly, but naturally and in those things that you feel comfortable and who are going to you.

Dresses from the star

The street style of Selena Gomez
The style of Selena Gomez in casual clothing containselements of sportiness, practicality, femininity. In her wardrobe are many tunics of light colors: pearly gray, white, blue, colorful. Checkered shirts-cowboys of juicy shades - blue, violet, red. T-shirts with a picture-print and short jeans or shiny shorts, blue and blue skinny jeans - this is the street style of Selena Gomez. The image of an active, mobile, broken girl is complemented by caps, caps of sports cut and sunglasses. High boots, boots or sneakers, heels on shoes are mandatory attributes of the girl. This detail is important to remember her followers.

Selena is not averse to experimenting withdresses, of course, respecting the basic rules and without violating the aesthetic "golden mean". In one outfit, it combines different shades of brown, green, white and dark strips. Such clothes of Selena Gomez cause sincere interest of her fans and a desire to imitate her.

clothes Selena Gomez
In the wardrobe girl a lot of things franklyfeminine, elegant, elegant: tops from air chiffon, silk blouses of different styles of fitted or loose cut, dresses - from light summer sarafans to evening dresses with a deep neckline or classic "little black dresses."

Accessories with a "zest"

Selena Gomez in clothing observes the principle of"Talking" details. She believes that in the attire is mandatory accent, emphasizing his originality and femininity. It can be a smart belt or bow, lace or decorated buttons, and much more. As adornments for performances, she actively uses spectacular costume jewelry, including in the style of 80-90-ies. In everyday life, she manages a modest ringlet, an elegant thin chain with a kulonchik, etc. Most of all, she likes scarves of a variety of living colors. To the evening dresses, the actress selects different clutches, theatrical bags, etc.

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