Pronskoye Reservoir: description, fishing, rest

Does everyone know that approximately two hundredkilometers from Moscow, right on the border of three regions is located one of the most popular in the circles of fishermen Pronskoye reservoir? But it is famous not only for its underwater representatives. During the summer season, there are always a lot of people on the coast, as the pond is considered to be one of the cleanest in this region.

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Briefly about the pond

The reservoir is located on the border of Tula,Ryazan and Moscow regions. This reservoir was formed on the river. Pronya, the right tributary of the river. Oki. It is surrounded by beautiful nature. And most importantly, he removed the noisy gassed cities.

The Pronskoye reservoir extends for 26 km fromnorth to south, and the maximum width in some places reaches up to 2 km (maximum). The area of ​​the water surface of the reservoir reaches 1,620 hectares, so it is not for nothing that it is considered the largest in the entire Tula region. An important indicator is also the stunning landscape of the reservoir. This feature allows you to admire a calm water surface literally from any point of the coast.

Let's take a look at the history

The Pronskoye Reservoir (Tula Region)the name is due to the river on which it was built. The reservoir was created primarily in order to provide chemical enterprises located nearby - in the city of Novomoskovsk. However, even then, and now, fortunately, they do not use it for their intended purpose. The Prond reservoir has become an ideal place for fishing, swimming and picnics. Here you can stay free of charge for all lovers of outdoor activities. It is this feature that provides the pond with incredible popularity and makes it an extremely attractive place.

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What is waiting for tourists?

Indeed, today PronskoyeThe reservoir has suffered from the industrial activities of man, perhaps incomparably less than others. Local tourists usually note the incredible purity of the local waters, and anglers who know promising places usually return from here with an extremely attractive catch. It should be noted that there are not so many tourist sites and various parking lots along the coasts of 26 km in length. And what is most attractive is the complete absence of large cities and enterprises. It is for this reason that water here is considered the purest in the entire Tula region! In the warm season, local ducks and herons, living here in abundance, begin to build their nests, and in the water you can often find pike perch, crucian carp, carp, bream and even pike.

Pronskoe Reservoir: fishing

Speaking of the Pronsky reservoir, of course,One can not help but mention the circumstance that made him one of the most famous places in Russia - fishing. Numerous winding streams, which are separated from the vault in abundance and running in different directions, clean and lonely shores, a huge number of bays and small islets form quiet and cozy corners for all lovers of fishing. In this enchanted nature there is even something from the Volga. And despite the fact that the fish are still somewhat smaller, unity with nature is felt in full force, and other fishermen who stuffed their hand calculate their catch by kilograms.

Fishing on the Pronsky reservoir is famous forthe whole region. There are even legends about her. Here they catch bream, pike, and sometimes sterlet. The popularity of the place among the fishermen provided a stable stream of regular guests. However, this fact has hardly affected the biting, which still pleases the fishing enthusiasts. Smooth landscape and calm water surface have made it popular to catch spinning from an inflatable boat, however, classical fishing from the shore remains a popular type of recreation. Many skilled fishermen with the proper level of skills consistently load their bags with an impressive catch.

Pronskoye Reservoir, Tula Region

Pronskoye Reservoir: Recreation

To the services of tourists on the banks of the reservoir alsoThere are several tourist bases that will help you to spend your vacation comfortably. So, for example, the base "Sladko", in addition to standard services, provides all those who want to learn diving, plunging into the mysterious underwater space. Since the reservoir, as already mentioned, is considered one of the cleanest in the region, the transparency of the water in most places is about 9 m. Together with all the equipment necessary for diving and the support of experienced instructors, even beginners can get unforgettable memories from the underwater world .

Those who prefer a quieter, quieter and morecomfortable rest, they will appreciate "Streletskaya Sloboda". This recreation area is located directly on the shore of the reservoir in a quiet, ecologically clean area. All comers can be accommodated in comfortable rooms, as well as small cottages in the base. For visitors there is always a restaurant, a swimming pool, a tennis and football pitches, a gym.

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How to get there?

Everyone can reach this region,and from any region of Russia and CIS countries. The thing is that Tula is the administrative center of the region. It is a little less from Moscow than in two hundred kilometers. Those who are already determined to go on vacation to the reservoir, do not have to remember the long forgotten from school years survival skills in the wild and get a mezzanine set from the mezzanine. From Moscow, you can get there by train less than an hour, and those who have a car, will choose for themselves a lot of comfortable roads.

fishing on the Pronsky reservoir
The Pronskoye reservoir is ideal forlovers of outdoor activities, and those who just want to relax peacefully in nature. Be that as it may, both of them will certainly leave here with bright and pleasant memories.

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