Irina Sashina. Biography of TV host

Irina Sashina, photo of which today isquite recognizable among TV lovers, is one of the most popular Russian journalists and TV presenters. She was born in 1977 in Gatchina, Leningrad region.


The profession of TV presenter and journalist obligeshave a wide range of interests and a wide range of interests. A person, deprived of even basic knowledge in several areas, is unlikely to be able to remain interesting for a long time to the viewer. Irina Sashina is a TV presenter whose biography is very interesting. She has several higher educations at once - economics and philology (specializing in economics-international relations), faculties of Moscow State University named after Lomonosov are graduated with honors. However, without dwelling on this, she received another diploma - the Institute for Advanced Studies of Television and Radio Broadcasters. Here her teachers were such celebrated figures of television as Igor Kirillov and Dina Grigorieva.

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Sasha has several other directionsShe is a linguist, candidate of philological sciences and executive director of the MSU Support Fund. She speaks several foreign languages ​​(English, French, Italian) and has been trained in England and Japan. In addition, Irina Sashina was the moderator and moderator of the Expopriority forums in 2010 and 2011, and once (in 2012) - and the leading "Ball of Russian journalists". Almost all television commentators pay tribute to the professional qualities of Irina, noting her high level of training and knowledge in many areas.

Activity on TV

Irina Sashina's creative life is a successionthe most interesting projects with different TV channels. Each program, where Irina appeared, is marked by her charm and professionalism. Now Sasha is known as the host of the program "Mood" on the TVC channel. And for the first time Irina appeared on domestic television in 1997 - then the audience recognized her as the presenter and correspondent of the "Date" program. The program was broadcasted daily on the TV Center channel.

The next few years in the creative biographyIrina is noted for her cooperation with the television channel "Stolitsa", where she is the presenter and the head of various programs. However, in 2004 Sasha returned to her native "TV Center", where this time combines the posts of the chief editor and the leading program "Business Moscow". In addition, for several months, Irina is the head of the economic and legal department and the leading author's column "Useful economy", coming out as part of the morning channel "Mood".

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Work on different TV channels

As already noted, Sasha's activities are notis limited to only one once selected TV channel. In the same period, she is an economic commentator for NTV, as well as the general producer of the television channel "ITC" (television in the Central District of Moscow). In general, Irina, we can say, does not sit too long in one place, constantly taking part in various projects. And this applies not only to television.

In 2011 Irina Sashina comes to the channelRen-TV. Here she acts in the usual role of the leading TV programs "Economic Review" and "News 24". And in two years it is again seen by TVC viewers - this time already as the leading channel "Mood".

Awards of the TV presenter

Of course, such fruitful work forfor many years could not remain undetected. For the years of her creative activity the TV host has received many awards. Some of them clearly demonstrate that in the profession of the TV presenter, especially for women, external data and personal charisma play a huge role. In her student years she became Miss MSU-1995. And the most notable among professional awards is the diploma "The most charming TV presenter" and the special prize of the prize "Golden Mercury 2009". In addition, in her coin box - a diploma of the Russian Chamber of Commerce "For the promotion of a healthy lifestyle."

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Personal life

Irina Sashina, whose biography is pretty goodwas formed not only in the field of career, married to businessman Alexander Arutyunov. Together they bring up four children - Alexander, Herman, Roman and Maria.

Irina herself is fond of mountain skiing.According to her, during descent from the mountain, she experiences internal recharging and is charged with positive energy. The TV star prefers to skate in the suburbs and in Austria.

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Leading children also prefer active typesActivities: older sons professionally engage in sports (Alexander - football, Herman - hockey). Parents believe that the love of animals helps to grow a worthy person, so the Doberman family, the parrot and the domestic fish live in the family of Alexander and Irina.

other hobbies

Irina is a strong supporter oftraditional family and active way of life. This can be found on its official website: there is a section "My World", where the TV host shares with her audience and fans photos and stories about a joint pastime with her husband and children. Also leading - a permanent participant of various events, devoted not only to journalism and economics, but also to health and child development. On some of them she acts as a leading event, in parallel sharing with her secrets of beauty and health.

irina sashina TV presenter biography

In addition, Irina Sashina, a TV presenter who is very popular at the moment, likes to cook: she even has her own special recipes, the secrets of which she sometimes reveals in her interviews.

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