Akhatin is the biggest snail in the world

Today in the homes of many of our compatriots you can see unusual pets. Someone has monkeys, some have rare birds, and some have an ahatina. it the biggest snail in the world. It belongs to the family of terrestrial gastropods. After reading today's article, you will learn about the main features of these creatures.


Just note that the largest snails in the world come from Africa. Later they spread throughout the territory of Malaysia, Indochina, India, Madagascar and the Seychelles.

the biggest snail in the world

Several individuals caught in the United States were givennumerous offspring. After only a few years in the country such a quantity of akhatin has blossomed, that they began to be considered a national disaster. Giant mollusks destroyed the fields, ate tree bark and plastered houses.

Residents of Japan appreciated the taste of thesehuge creatures and began to organize farms specializing in their cultivation. It was also assumed that the largest snail in the world helps to get rid of tuberculosis. Therefore, it has become very popular in many countries.

Appearance of shellfish

It is the Akhatins that are the largest representatives of land snails. The length of their body can reach thirty centimeters, and the diameter of the shell is often about twenty-five centimeters.

These shellfish have a brain and heart. They can breathe not only through the skin with a huge number of folds, but also through a single lung. The body of these creatures is hidden under a massive shell, protecting them from drying out and mechanical damage. For those who do not know how much the biggest snail weighs in the world, it will be interesting that the mass of ahaatin can reach one kilogram.

how much does the biggest snail in the world weigh?

These mollusks are moved by the reduction of a well-developed sole. To facilitate the movement of the dry surfaces of the two leg glands, mucus is produced.

What to feed ahatina?

At home, the biggest snail in the worldcan eat watermelons, grapes, plums, peaches, apples, pears and bananas. From vegetables they are allowed to give carrots, peas, corn, Bulgarian pepper, cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, Peking and cauliflower. Also, giant ahaatin is recommended to be fed with various greens, including plantain, spinach, parsley, dill and lettuce.

 the biggest snails in the world

In addition, in their diet mustto attend such products as baby food, crushed nuts, boiled eggs, oatmeal, sour cream, milk and bread. It is strictly prohibited to treat mollusks with smoked, salted, spicy, pickled and fried dishes. To strengthen the shell, the menu of ahaatin should be supplemented with mineral stones for parrots, eggshells, cottage cheese and chalk.

Features of breeding

We note at once that under the conditions of optimalhumidity the largest snail in the world is capable of reproducing offspring throughout the year. Sexually mature individuals are those who have reached seven months of age. Two weeks after the contact, both mollusks burrow into the ground to make a masonry in it. One snail is able to bring up to fifty eggs, from which two months later the babies appear.

With all the conditions of the cochleagrow rapidly. For the first few days, newborns are in the ground. At this time, the kids eat the remains of their shell. After young individuals start to get out on the surface, they can be fed with grated vegetables with the addition of crushed limestone. In captivity these creatures can live up to ten years.

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