Society and Culture

Culture is a complex system with manylevels of development. On the one hand, we see that these are the values ​​accumulated by people, on the other - human activity, which is based on the experience of generations. Thus, it becomes obvious that society and culture are inextricable relationship, because one concept is impossible without the existence of another.

In modern society the concept of culture has several interpretations:

  1. Achievements of humanity in different spheres of life.
  2. A way of organizing social relations.
  3. The degree of personality development and its involvement in discoveries in various fields of knowledge.

The fact is that there is such a thing as spiritualculture of society, which exists in parallel with the material. It is characterized as a set of achievements that exist in the collective and individual consciousness of people. It is realized through such forms as myth, religion, art, philosophy and science. Note that the spiritual culture can not exist in isolation, because its signs can be found in all spheres of a person's life.

The fact is that society and culture are twoplan for the consideration of human life. When we determine the types of connection between these two concepts, we answer in parallel a few more questions. So, first, what is the basis of the mode of human activity? The answer is: a certain image of the society, which is formed historically under the influence of many factors. As for the second question, its essence is this: where and to what extent does culture manifest itself? Here we see many of its branches and types: economic, organizational, legal, religious, moral and many others.

Let us note that the culture and spiritual life of societyare in close interweaving, because people differently interpret their creative origin, and its realization is possible only through the use of existing cultural forms. The fact is that each of them has a specific system, semantic and symbolic, in which the structure of human existence is expressed in a certain way.

When it comes to a social subject, wewe are talking about its overall potential, which was accumulated as a result of a long period of life and development. Any culture has its own specific characteristics that distinguish it from all others.

Society and culture are two dynamic systems,the development of which is conditioned by world events and regular changes in the life of society. So, socium is understood as the creation of a model of people's unity, as well as the use of certain methods for this. This is a literal plan for the existence of subjects. Culture is a spiritual plan, based on how they interact and what they obey, based on the experience of previous generations.

If we consider it in various sphereshuman life, we need to talk about its individual plans and types. So, first of all, it is worth analyzing its moral form, which developed after the myth was gone and the person had to learn to control himself and act consciously, and not unconsciously, because his actions were programmed from above.

The moral side is a set of rules in whichunited forces of man, the development of his abilities and obtaining certain opportunities. Morality has two levels: the lower one (the person focuses on observing the rules by imitation and copying the behavior of others), the average (the implementation of moral principles, supported by public opinion) and the higher (the level of self-control in which all actions are judged in terms of conscience).

Society and culture have been intertwined for a long time into a single system, so now it is necessary to study these two concepts together.

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