Scheme of the hall of the recreation center "Vyborgsky": theatrical and small halls

The Palace of Culture "Vyborg" is one of thethe main cultural centers of the northern capital of Russia. Almost from its very founding (in 1927), significant cultural events were held in its halls: performances, cinema sessions and various lectures. The scene of the palace served and serves as a playground for the creativity of both domestic and foreign theater stars. Scheme Hall of the Palace of Culture "Vyborg" (large) shows that it can accommodate up to 1870 people.


Construction of the House of Culture "Vyborg" waswas completed in 1927, to the 10th anniversary of the Great October Revolution. It became a true cultural and educational center for Leningrad workers of that time.

In addition to professional theatrical art,amateur creative associations were represented in the palace. Artistic amateur performance was at a sufficiently high level. It should also be mentioned that the first in Leningrad amateur club was established in the Vyborgsky Palace of Culture, which became famous throughout the USSR.


Address of the Vyborg Palace of Culture: St. Petersburg, Smirnov's street, 15. It is located not far from the city center, in the Vyborgsky district, from which it received its name. Not far from the Palace of Culture is the embankment of the Neva River. Nearby there are two metro stations: "Ploshchad Lenina" and "Vyborgskaya".

When you exit the station "Ploshchad Lenina" followon the street Botkinskaya to the street Academician Lebedev. Next, you need to go to Lesnoy Prospect and on it - to the street of Commissioner Smirnov. Walking tour takes no more than 15 minutes.

When you exit from the station "Vyborgskaya" you will immediately get to Lesnaya Avenue and on it you can get to the street. Commissioner Smirnov.

Not far from the Palace of Culture there are such sights as Vyborgsky garden, a monument to Peter the Great and Sampsonievsky cathedral.

Scheme Hall of the Palace of Culture "Vyborg"

In the Palace of Culture "Vyborg" there are two halls- Great theatrical and small (concert). The big hall, as already mentioned, can accommodate up to 1870 spectators. It staged performances, great concerts and even whole conferences. Scheme of the hall of the recreation center "Vyborgsky" is presented below.

scheme of the hall dk Vyborg

In a small (or concert) hall also putperformances, concerts, business meetings, seminars are held. If desired, you can even order a children's party. Below is a diagram of the hall of the Vyborg Palace of Culture with a capacity of 400 people.

dk Vyborg saint petersburg

In addition to the two halls, the palace has its ownlibrary. Its book fund totals about one hundred thousand volumes of the most diverse subjects. In addition, there you can subscribe to many central and local magazines and newspapers.

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