What are they - thoughts of the wise about love?

There is no writer or poet in the world who does notwould dedicate the best lines of his works to the highest feeling on earth - love. From Schiller with his sacramental phrase, where love rules the world on a par with hunger, to E. Evtushenko with his "Spell".

thoughts of the wise about love
The author of the book "Five languages ​​of love" Garry Chapman states that this is the main word of each language.

If the "Thoughts of the Wise On Love" were attempted to be published separately, it is difficult to imagine the number of volumes of this edition. Especially this theme inspired poets of all times and peoples.

Of course, not only did they write about loverepresentatives of the literary genre. Both physicists, theologians, and psychoanalysts spoke on this subject. Many would like to receive a clear formulation, and Count Cagliostro, as is known, was not averse to deriving the formula.

Love in the life of mankind

But love, according to the testimony of "wise and great"it is a particle of God in every man, his divine principle, not subject to any specifics, or formulas. One and only. Maybe some feelings and can match her in strength, others - in beauty, in ability for him to sacrifice, but only love can combine all this in himself alone. A. France spoke about the divine essence of love, inherent in man initially. L. Tolstoy spoke of the omnipotence of love, arguing that only she could destroy death and turn a senseless, unhappy life into meaningful happiness. This is even echoed by Dumbledore at the end of the first series of "Harry Potter". Thoughts of wise people about love feed with their depth, experience and strength not a single generation.

thoughts of wise people about love
Without love, there can not be life itself. According to A. Herzen, "without it there is no life, and can not be." This is also the reckless phrase of E. Piaf, who claimed that if she does not die of love, then she is ready to "die" of anguish and despair.

The thoughts of the wise about love are able to give an answer to the question of the meaning of human life in general. Confucius talks about the impossibility of living without love, which is the beginning and end of human existence.

About the divine essence of love says M. Tsvetaeva. She insists that only the power of love, to which he is capable, can determine the divine essence of man.

The philosopher V. Soloviev writes about the fact that love personifies only good. The height of this feeling, that it can not bring suffering, but brings its sense of ownership, writes Saint Exupery.

thoughts of statements about love
Millions of words are said about love, but every newthe generation adds to what has been said its enthusiasm, worship, its sacrifice, convicted in words. And it does not bother at all, because love really rules the world.

Not all people are able to put on the words that have overwhelmed them, and when they read the thoughts of the wise about love, they always find their responses to their experiences. This is the power of the word of the wise.

Thoughts, statements about love can help a person understand themselves, and help convey feelings to the object of adoration.

Experience of wise men to help lovers of the whole world

The more talented the author, the more beautiful he isstatements about love. What is the power of feelings says the phrase B. Shaw: "I lived for two days, not seeing you, and thus proved that I can endure everything." And Turgenev's statement about the day when he did not see Pauline Viardot's eye as a lost day sounded very beautiful.

So when a person can just about breakfeelings surging through him, and there is no way to express them, at hand, thoughts of the wise about love in the printed version must necessarily be at hand, even an aimless acquaintance with which will beautify life and exalt it above everyday life.

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