What is the biggest sea in Russia? Discover the secrets of geography

The geographical location of Russia is amazingsuccessful. It occupies a huge area of ​​the largest continent of our planet - Eurasia. It is washed by 12 seas and 2 mighty oceans: the Pacific and the Arctic. But few know that the largest sea in Russia is called Berengov. In the definition of him many times the word "most" occurs. It is considered to be the largest, deepest sea water body located on the territory of Russia. It is also the most northern one. And what else can we say about this mysterious place?

We reveal a secret: geography

Scientists believe that the natural reservoir, once discovered by the great seafarer Vitus Bering, is the largest sea that is washing Russia. Its area is more than 2300 thousand square meters. kilometers.

The largest sea in Russia

On average, its depth is 1600 m, butthe maximum value is more than 4000 m. Such data are recorded in the Bauers basin. It was Henry Robertson that enabled geographers to assert that Russia's largest and deepest sea is in the north of the country and is called the Bering Sea.

The natural reservoir belongs to the Pacificbasin. The northern boundary runs along the peninsulas of Chukotka and Alaska, between which the Bering Strait is marked, connecting the two harsh oceans: the Arctic and the Pacific. The role of the southern border of the sea is carried out by a ridge from the Commander Islands and the Aleutian Islands. The western coasts wash the coast of Eurasia, and the eastern coasts - North America.

We continue our study: history

The name of the sea is a tribute to the memory of VitusBering. This navigator conducted two Kamchatka expeditions, studying the mysterious sea. The main goal was to find a strait that separated Asia from America. But the mysterious and the largest sea in Russia did not want to reveal its secrets.

Bering's research was continued by the great EnglishmanJ. Cook. He also proposed a name that the whole world gradually took over. Russia began to call the northern sea Beringov at the suggestion of the round-the-world traveler V. Golovin. Prior to this, the maps marked the names Bobrovoye or Kamchatka.

The largest sea washing Russia


The largest sea in Russia is verybroken beach line. Here you can find many bays and capes, there are also peninsulas and the straits that separate them. The shoreline itself consists mainly of steep slopes, and only in the east and west can be found minor tundra zones.

On the stony banks there are numerousbird markets, noisy, winged inhabitants of which feed on small fishes and zooplankton. In addition, there are rookeries of large seals. Of the smaller inhabitants - otters. The fur of these sea otters is highly valued, so hunters massively destroy small animals.

Why is the Bering Sea considered dangerous?

Far North Sea has long been an important tradedirection. Here the Far Eastern and Northern trade routes merge. An important role is played by extensive fisheries. The largest sea in Russia can boast a huge amount of fish. Here they fish for salmon, pollock and flounder, and also catch herring and cod. In addition, there is a period when you can harvest crab.

The largest and deepest sea in Russia

The main danger for seafarers and fishermenrepresent low temperatures and storms, which can last for weeks. Every year in the waters of the Bering Sea, up to twenty fishermen die, who have to go fishing on difficult weather conditions.

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