Justin Hartley: Biography and Filmography

This talented American actor is knownwide audience, primarily due to the role of Oliver Quinn in the television series "Smallville's Secrets". This article will tell you about the biography, personal life, as well as the creative path of the young actor.

Justin Hartley: photo and biography

Justin Scott Hartley was born in 1977 inKnoxville, Illinois. The boy grew up with his brother and sisters in the small town of Orland Park. Studying at school, Justin did not think about the big cinema. The guy was actively involved in sports (basketball, baseball), but after the injury he was forced to leave professional training.

After graduation, Justin Hartley studied at once in two universities and received, thus, two specialties: historical and theatrical.

Justin Hartley

In 2000, Justin and his student frienddecide to go to Los Angeles. They drove to a distant city on an old truck, which several times broke down along the road. Justin Hartley came to the world capital of cinema, having only $ 320 in his pocket. Therefore, the young guy was forced to immediately get a job. Hartley in Los Angeles worked on radio, as well as at the telephone exchange.

The beginning of the acting career

After a while, Justin Hartley receivedoffer to play a role in the series "Passion". In it, he played Nicholas Crane. This was during the period from 2002 to 2006. The television series was broadcast on the NBC channel.

After this young actor was invited to the rolethe main character in the series "Aquamen", based on comic books. However, Justin was expecting a failure: the television series was soon closed due to low television ratings. The same fate awaited and another project (medical series), in which Hartley participated.

However, Justin Hartley after this receivedthe most famous role in his creative biography. He played the rich man Oliver Quinn in the series "Smallville's Secrets", which in parallel was the superhero Green Arrow. By the way, Justin was the first actor to play this character on television. In the sixth and seventh seasons of the television series, he appeared occasionally, and starting from the 8th season, it was fixed in the main cast.

Justin Hartley photo

In addition to participating in several television series, the actor also acted in films. They were both action-packed insurgents and naive comedies.

The personal life of the actor

With his future wife Justin Hartley met in 2003, on the set of "Passion". Her name was Lindsay Corman, and she too was an actress.

In the same 2003, between Justin and Lindseya stormy romance began. Soon they were married, and in May 2004 the actors had already cemented their love with a legitimate marriage. The wedding ceremony was quiet and modest. Two months later they had a girl named Isabella.

It is also known that in the spring of 2012, Lindsay Corman demanded a divorce through the court. However, this information was neither disproved nor confirmed.

Justin Hartley

Justin Hartley: the filmography of the actor by years

The American actor played in fourfull-length films, as well as at least a dozen different TV series. Below is presented (in chronological order) the list of the most significant roles of Justin in the cinema and on television.

  1. "Passion", the television series, was shot from 2002 to 2006.
  2. "Aquamen", the film, 2006 year.
  3. "Red Canyon", feature film, 2008 year.
  4. "Spring Break", feature film, 2009 year.
  5. "Secrets of Smallville", a television series, from 2008 to 2011.
  6. "Chuck", a TV series, 2011.
  7. "Dr. Emily Owens," the television series, from 2012 to 2013.
  8. "Young and audacious", a television series, is removed from 2014 to the present day.


Justin Hartley is a young American actor,born in 1977 in Illinois. Mostly he played (and plays) in various television projects. Among them is the once popular television series "Smallville's Secrets".

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