Ekaterina Sidorenko - Ukrainian with a breast of the seventh size

Ekaterina Sidorenko is famous for heran outstanding breast. She builds a career in the erotic model and thanks her mother for the rich natural heritage. The proportional structure of the body allows the girl to participate in beauty contests and to look harmonious, despite the large volumes of the thoracic region.


A girl with a chic breasts - Ekaterina Sidorenko -was born on August 19, 1988 in Kiev. She became a novice model at the age of nine. Professionally came to the modeling business in 2009. Bust of the seventh size went to the girl from the mother - the owner of a natural eighth size. At the beginning, the young model was helped by a photographer from Japan, Satoshi Kizu, who saw in it a kind of beauty. Initially, he promoted her under the fictitious name of Sofi Nova, filling her site with photos.

Ekaterina Sidorenko

In 2012, Katya took part in the photo shootfor the publication of Bachelor. In the same year, she appeared in the role of a nurse in the frame of the clip of Thomas Nevegrin and Leonid Agutin. Also for the first time I tried myself as a model of the nude genre in the lens of the same Japanese photographer Satoshi Kizu. After the first successful experience, Ekaterina Sidorenko did all the shooting only in the nude. Has a useful hobby - fitness. At home she has a dog Zlata (breed York). Katie's body has several tattoos and piercings.

Shay Riesl is a well-known pseudonym

February 2013 was marked for Katya shootingfor Scoreland, which was a big jump in the development of the career of the erotic model. In the process of work, she was assigned the pseudonym Shay Riesl, who later became recognizable. After a successful public reaction, a series of pictures called A Week with Sha Rizel was released. Also the girl conducted shooting for the Russian version of Maxim magazine. One photo session of the model costs about 2000 euros, and video - 1500 dollars.


To maintain popularity at the peak,Ekaterina Sidorenko participates in various talk shows and attends events. In the show "Says Ukraine" the model told in detail about her life, successes and plans for the future, because everyone was interested to know what kind of woman she is - Ekaterina Sidorenko.

catherine sidorenko miss bust

Miss Bust - the title, which she received in 2016, winning a contest. The girl is recognized as the owner of the largest volume of a bust of natural origin.

Problems with back because of chest

From school, Catherine's chest increased from the fourthsize to the seventh. She does not hide that the volume of 101 centimeters heavily burdens her life, as the model is forced to suffer from pains in the spine.

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