Canadian maple is a tree with many roles

Maple - what an ordinary, it would seem, tree. But, every time, passing by this handsome man with carved large leaves, we do not even suspect what an unusual plant it is. First of all, let us mention how diverse its species are. In addition to tall trees, there are also low bushes.

Canadian red maple
Having an elliptical or pyramidal shapecrowns red maple is a large plant, in height it can reach twenty-five to forty meters. It grows very quickly. The plant lives for a hundred and fifty years. There are also bicentennial centenarians. Leaves are up to eleven centimeters long, with five short-pointed or blunt-pointed blades on one stalk. The flowers are rounded, flat, very small, yellow-green in color, three to five millimeters in diameter. Size of fruit-lionfish from two to two and a half centimeters. In autumn he pleases the eye with the coloring of the foliage: they are bright, yellow-red, orange.

A Canadian maple tree is used to decorate the garden, inAs a hedge, for alleys and the creation of decorative groups. It is often used for landscaping, in parks or near public buildings. Well-looking maple in combination with coniferous trees and oak.

canadian maple

Plant young seedlings better in spring or inautumn period. For planting, you need to purchase them in containers, with a closed root system. Do not recommend destroying an earthworm, then the plant will take root quickly. Trees should be located from each other at a distance of not less than one and a half meters. If the planting is single, it is necessary to observe the gap between the plants from two to four meters. They are very fond of light and fertile land, they will develop well in moist, acidic soil. In care, the Canadian maple is unpretentious. You just have to water on time, loosen the ground and make fertilizing. To do this, fertilizer "Kemira-wagon". The tree likes moisture, can grow in the shade, it is resistant to frost, it even tolerates temperature minus thirty-five degrees without damage.

canadian maple pictures

How beautiful is a Canadian maple, photo showsvery graphically. However, this amazing plant attracts not only its decorative qualities. He is very much appreciated in North America. In Canada, a favorite dessert is maple syrup, and sugar is also obtained from the juice of the plant. In some countries maple is in demand in cooking. Its leaves replace grape during the preparation of dolma.

What is more remarkable is the Canadian maple, canto tell medicine. For therapeutic purposes, all parts of the plant are used: seeds, bark from branches. Juice from young leaves has a pleasant, sweet taste. It has a rich supply of vitamin C and, as a result, is used as a restorative, diuretic, antiscorbutic. A drug made from leaves and seeds is used to crush stones in the bladder. Decoctions prepared from them, have antiseptic, wound-healing effect. The bark, removed from the branches and roots, has an astringent effect. Even in magic, the Canadian maple does not ignore, the advocates of the occult sciences use its wood, leaves, branches, seeds for mystical purposes.

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