National costumes of the peoples of Russia and their features

Antique things never go out of fashion. Although in our time it is hardly possible to meet a person walking down the street in a national costume, but still remember them and know how they look, every resident of the country should. And there are those who use one element of an old dress in their fashionable image, this gives a certain flavor and originality. Those things that our grandmothers and great-grandmothers wore are already considered antiques, and many simply store them in chests or chiffoniers. National costumes of the peoples of Russia are distinguished by a great variety of fabrics, fittings, colors, patterns and sewing methods. That is, in different parts of the vast country wore little similar national dresses. Each of the costumes differs from each other, but, nevertheless, they are all special for their people.

Each costume of the peoples of Russia is unique in its own way

As already mentioned above, in Russia collectedmany peoples. In different parts of the past, the national costumes of the peoples of Russia were of different colors, styles and fabrics. For example, in Kostroma, girls and women dressed in very bright, beautifully decorated costumes.

national costumes of the peoples of Russia
And the main difference from the others was a bigoriginal kokoshnik. And in Nizhny Novgorod girls preferred kokoshnikam beautiful bandages embroidered with gold and silver threads. Such an accessory was decorated even with precious stones. And, by the way, in the Nizhny Novgorod region they never wore bast shoes. There more preferred attractive boots on small heels, which were covered with a material very reminiscent of our modern shoes. Girls and women from the north of Russia, too, differed slightly in their attire from the rest. Their costumes were very restrained and incredibly beautiful. And their main attribute was not only an elegant, but practical headgear. He skillfully covered the girl's hair from other people's views. After all, in those days it was a very strict custom. Although such a headdress was called a kokoshnik, it did not look like an accessory worn by Kostroma girls. The hostess wore her headdress with beautiful threads and exquisite pearls.

How to buy a national costume

costume of the peoples of Russia
Probably everyone knows that the originalThe national costumes of the peoples of Russia were always sewn by hand. Therefore, this outfit is considered unique, since the symbols, material and colors were similar, but each one made it in an individual style. And because of the fact that many years have passed, such suits are considered antiques. Therefore, it will be very difficult to acquire them. It will be necessary to look carefully, and, perhaps, several proposals will fall. But, of course, they are unlikely to be original. Most likely, this is a similar in colors and style dress, sewn in our time.

Elements of the costume

national costumes of the peoples of russia pictures

The main component of the Russian dress isshirt. It is famous for its embroideries, because according to the ornament it was possible to say what social status its owner has, to tell his story. And, naturally, the style and method of sewing these shirts in each province were unique and unique. Here, for example, residents of the Moscow province wore shirts with a long sleeve, and in Tula and Ryazan they were sewn in the form of a tunic, which was decorated with embroidery and consisted of several cloths. And the outfits, which were bright red, trimmed with jewels and laces, loved the people of the Arkhangelsk province. Brave and brave people of this land brought to the national costume a lot of decorative and applied elements.

Special national costumes of the peoples of Russia

With confidence, we can say that every outfitin its own way is unique. For each part of the country, it is its own business card. It is especially pleasant to see these national costumes of the peoples of Russia live. Pictures, though not replace these impressions, but will be able to visualize the idea of ​​dresses.

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