The strongest dog in the world - who is she?

The concept of power is very relative.By what criteria will we measure it? By weight, which the dog could pick up or pull? In relation to the lifted cargo to the mass of its own body? By the number of rings won in battles? If we look at the Guinness Book, then the title of "the strongest dog in the world" belonged to the St. Bernard dog Bearish Wright. He lived in the 1970s in the USA, in the state of Washington, and set his official record (for which he was listed in the Book) when he dragged a truck with a cargo of 2905 kilograms to 4.57 meters for 90 seconds.

The strongest dog in the world

In this feat of Raitys there is nothing surprising,if we take into account where and why this breed was bred. Before the construction of tunnels under the Alps, Italy had only a few passes connected with the rest of Europe. The most popular of these was the St. Bernard Pass. On it moved the main stream of pilgrims going to Rome. Caravans of traders and foot travelers traveled all year round, and after all the road rises above sea level to a height of two and a half thousand meters. Fog, unexpected snowstorms, even in summer, avalanches made this route very dangerous. In 962 on the pass a shelter was built, where the Bernardine monks provided hospitality to the travelers. When the breed "St. Bernard's Dog" was bred - no one knows for sure, but there is no doubt that this is the most powerful dog.

In the Alpine valleys there are still legends aboutSt. Bernards, who lived in different years and even centuries, who were tearing people from beneath the snow and bringing shelter to people trapped in the avalanche. And since the mountains in winter are by no means small children, you can imagine the power of this animal, capable of pulling out of the dam and dragging a significant distance of an adult man. This most powerful dog has a very sensible and calm character. She is smart, albeit phlegmatic. St. Bernard became the main character of the film "Beethoven", where the disposition of these dogs is most clearly revealed.

The most powerful dog

The Guinness Book mentions one more record holder- Barbara Alexis Dark Hans. This bitch-Newfoundland is the most powerful dog in the world in relation to its own weight. In 1979, 44-pound Barbara dragged a trolley with a cargo of 2289 kg. Newfoundlands (we call them "divers") were withdrawn in the province of Canada with the same name as service dogs. Outwardly they resemble the St. Bernards - massive, shaggy, drooling, with drooping ears. However, this breed has a variety of colors, although most often - black and chocolate.

And the most powerful dog that wins in dog fights- Tosa-inu or Japanese mastiff. Also other powerful mastiffs - Neapolitan, Pyrenean (shepherd dog Patu), Tibetan (similar to the lion because of its "mane"), Spanish are also fairly powerful. The name of the breed Irish Wolfhound speaks for itself about the ferocity of its representatives. Also threatening Caucasian shepherds, Boerboels and Turkish kangals.

The strongest dogs

However, the strongest dogs are by no means the mostdangerous. Newfoundlands, St. Bernards and Leonberbergs can not do harm to a person. The friendliness of these animals, although they are the size of a closet, knows no boundaries: even cats have nothing to fear from these giants. And the largest dog in the world - the English mastiff (the record put the dog Zorbro - 156 kg of weight and height of 96 cm at the withers) - also proved to be a gentle and loving family member.

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