Do we know what space is?

Probably, many of us in the childhood consideredstarry sky, especially in the warm August nights. Mysterious black space always aroused people's interest. We, like our ancestors, are trying to understand what this unknown world contains in itself? This and many other questions that are often asked by children to their parents, it is sometimes difficult to give an answer. And what is space for us, adults? What do we know about him?

what is space

Order and harmony

From the explanatory dictionaries you can find out that in translationwith the Greek word "space" means "harmony", "order." Ancient Greek philosophers under this word meant all the Universe, considering it as an orderly system that differed, in contrast to disorder and chaos, harmony. There was a time when scientists included the whole nature of the Earth, everything that happens on this concept. Also included here were celestial bodies, planets, stars, galaxies. Known titanic work called "Space". Author Alexander Humboldt concluded in his five volumes all the information known at that time about nature. That is, everything here was about the cosmos.


What is space in our time? The concept is endowed, perhaps, with its true meaning and means "the universe". After all, the cosmos includes stars, planets, asteroids, comets, a variety of cosmic luminaries, as well as all interstellar space. And these components are related. They exist, obeying laws known only to them, and these laws people always tried to unravel. Attempts to understand what space is, probably, will never cease. This mystery stirs people's minds.

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Near and far space

Conditionally, the entire space of the universe is divided intofar and near space (near-Earth space). The territory, which is located directly near our planet, is actively studied by means of satellites. These are special vehicles that allow a person to take an active part in exploring outer space. A large number of satellites explore the circumterrestrial space on their own.

Far space for humans is not available. But, let's hope it's only temporary. This territory will someday also be occupied by a man.

Milky Way

Scientists believe that space consists of a largenumber of galaxies. The word "galaxy" comes from the Greek "galaktikos" and means "milky". That is why our name, in which the Earth is located, the Solar system and all visible stars - "Milky Way".

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Each of the galaxies has its own specificstructure, and they, in turn, consist of different systems of stars. Our Solar System is the main star of the Sun and the planets revolving around it. Here there is a large number of various cosmic bodies, as well as cosmic dust. The magnetic field allows all of this to stick together and rotate around the Sun. Each planet has its own path or orbit. Many of them have their own natural satellites that revolve around them.

Thinking about what space is, we always cometo the conclusion: he is so mysterious and mysterious that it is possible to talk about him indefinitely. Each of the celestial bodies is unique and, in turn, can become a topic for discussion. And man will explore all this boundless space, while he himself exists and is his little particle.

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