Larisa Chaliapina: biography, personal life

Larisa Chaliapin (Kopenkina) caused a real shockthe public, when Chaliapin reported on the upcoming wedding. A woman who is twice as old as a famous musician, did not conceal their romantic relationship and accompanied the chosen one to different events than she earned instant popularity. Larissa reported that Chaliapin gives her a chance to really feel young and the fact that Prokhor is with her for the sake of money does not bother the millionaire at all.


Russian Businesswoman Larisa Kopenkina(Chaliapin) was born in Pervomaysk, Lugansk region on July 21, 1955. The formation and early life of a woman is unknown. She does not dare to open the veil of the secrets of her past years. Larisa Chaliapina is engaged in the sale of elite housing in the capital. Its customers are many popular people of domestic and foreign origin. She is a very liberated woman and leads her own blog in Instagram, where she shares frank photos and notes with her fans.

Larissa Chaliapin

Larissa does not hide that she often becomes a clientdifferent cosmeticians and plastic surgeons to maintain youth and beauty. Friends and close business ladies say that Larissa Chaliapina is a real optimist, she is happy with every moment of her life and is an adornment of any company. It is known that before the wedding with Prokhor Shalyapin Larisa was married twice and from the second marriage she has an adult son. Also, the woman was in several civil marriages.

The beginning of the novel

Great public fame of a womanShe got it when she appeared in public as a member of the "Star Factory" - Prokhor Chaliapin. The woman openly flirted and showed signs of attention to the gentleman, who willingly reciprocated her. It turned out that the insane romance began when the millionaire gave her young lover an apartment for 18,000,000 rubles.

The long-awaited event

The wedding was a real event of 2013. Prokhor Chaliapin made an offer to Larisa, and she agreed. The wedding was in Jamaica. At the celebration, the groom's mother was not present. She came to the real horror after the recognition of her son. Prokhor's mother accused Larisa of a privation and lack of conscience. The bride's son also refused to come. He is sure that true love in this novel is not and will not be that the guy is a gigolo and wants to deprive him of his inheritance.

wife of Prokhor Chaliapin Larissa Kopenkina

At the wedding there were many famousrepresentatives of show business. In honor of the wedding Andrey Malakhov made a special edition of the program "Let them talk", and the magazine "7 days" recognized the wedding of Larissa and Prokhor as a real scandal of 2013.


Larisa's happiness lasted not long, already in 2014Prokhor said in the program "Let They Say" that Anna Kalashnikova is pregnant with him, and the marriage with Kopenkina was contracted and all this was a game. Chaliapin also announced that he committed the biggest mistake in life by going on a provocation with the wedding. In order to restore the reputation of a decent man, Prokhor asked Larissa Chaliapin to confirm that the financial costs were entirely on his shoulders, and he never lived with his wife's money. Larisa Chaliapina is sure that her husband says so because she is very hurt at her for the constant habit of leaving and not to warn, because of this in their happy family life there was discord.

larissa kopenkina chaliapin

The wife of Prokhor Chaliapin, Larisa Kopenkina, onlysmiled into the guy's face and asked her not to drag her into her new game. Larissa was not at all upset because of the divorce and deed of her ex-husband. Her personal life did not end there, and crowds of young fans are already gathering around her. Larissa does not hide that she loves partners many times younger than herself. This time the choice of a woman fell on the 25-year-old Yuri Sharapov, who long ago laid eyes on the famous elderly millionaire.

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