What is kurtosis? Excess of the perpetrator of crime

When the term is not clear, you need to look into the dictionary. In this article, we'll talk about the meaning of one hard-to-pronounce word.

Meaning of the word

The word came in Russian from Latin: excessus is the "exit". So what is kurtosis? This word is used to describe the events of extraordinary, attracting the attention of individuals or society as a whole.

In the explanatory dictionary of Ephraim, the term means excess, abuse, and in extreme form.

We meet Ozhegov's somewhat different definition. Excess is treated as a situation that goes beyond the usual framework (undesirable, acute). A situation that can break the established order.

what is kurtosis

Examples and sustained speech

A clear example is given in Ushakov's dictionary. This is a quote from the work of L. Tolstoy, which refers to eating people a lot of dishes: meat, fish, hot drinks. The author asks: "Where does this go?" Then follows the answer: "To sensual excesses."

Tolstoy in this case, showing what iskurtosis, meant gluttony, people's inclination to gastronomic excesses. That is, excessive eating will lead to excess in feelings. There is a reasonable grain in this.

In criminal law there is the term "kurtosis"executor of a crime. "It means that a certain criminal acted differently in the commission of an illegal act than his accomplices, thus violating a single initial plan and the offense did not go according to the planned plan.For the excess of the performer the remaining criminals (accomplices) are not responsible.


What is the kurtosis of sound? A phrase means the falling out of individual signals (notes) from the general harmonic series or the extreme manifestation of the sound characteristic - loudness (measured in decibels).

The great news is "positivekurtosis ", for example, in the course of the disease (or recovery) .This is a kind of" peak "of positive indicators, which is knocked out from a common set of medical parameters.

The word is interesting, you need to understand what an excess is, and apply it correctly.

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