The mosque on Poklonnaya Hill as part of the memorial complex

The mosque on Poklonnaya Hill harmoniously blended witha general ensemble of Victory Park, a memorial complex of 135 hectares, erected in memory of the heroes who at the price of their lives defended Russia in the fight against the invaders. Monuments to the soldiers of the Patriotic wars of 1812 and 1941-1945, the 1st World War, soldiers-internationalists and everyone who gave their lives for the freedom and independence of our country were erected here.

The ideal place for the memorial

Poklonnaya Hill - a place destined for destinyfor the construction on it of a memorial complex for the memory of all those who perished for Holy Russia. From ancient times, when this gentle hill was far to the west of Moscow, merchants and travelers stopped here to admire the golden domes of the numerous churches and temples of the capital and to bow to them.

mosque on the holy mountain

Always in Russia faith and loyalty were the mainthe mainstay of the country. The elevation between the Filka and Setuni rivers gradually became a ritual place where one could bow to a great country, its faith and the people, at the cost of their lives, defending the freedom of their homeland for centuries.

The meaning and history of the name

The idea of ​​a monument to the heroes of the war of 1812 was born inthe time when the Germans were at the walls of Moscow. The idea of ​​the architect Y. Chernikhovsky, which arose in 1942, was patriotic and, in general, timely - honoring the former liberators to spite the enemies standing at the threshold. But the country, living under the slogan "Everything for the front, everything for victory," lacked funds for other purposes. The idea was also timely because Napoleon was waiting for "Moscow kneeling with the keys of the old Kremlin" where the memorial is now, in which the Mosque on Poklonnaya Hill organically entered, was waiting. He did not wait, and Hitler was not allowed to wait. And where, if not here, it was necessary to erect a monument to the heroes of the Fatherland! The idea returned to the 1960s.

worship mountain photo

The first stone of the future memorial "Victory Park" was laid in a solemn atmosphere on February 25, 1958.

Monuments to heroes of several wars

Triumphal Arch in memory of the heroes of the war 1812year was erected in 1968. And only in our time there was erected a monument to the forgotten soldiers of the First World War. Russia is a multiethnic country, and all the peoples that inhabit it paid tribute to the defense of the Motherland. The memory of them is honored not only in the territories of the republics and places of residence. The government of the capital, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the European part of Russia (DUMER) in 1992 decided to erect in Moscow, in a sacred place, a monument to the soldiers who died for Russia, professing Islam. The best memorial, of course, could be the Mosque on Poklonnaya Hill.

A huge part of the population of the country

memorial mosque
There are a lot of Muslims in the country - they are residentsparts of the Urals, Siberia and the Caucasus, Bashkiria, Tatarstan and the Crimea. In memory of the dead residents of these territories under the project of the Moscow architect Ilyas Tazhiev, a memorial was erected. The main initiator of the construction and one of the sponsors of the project was a well-known businessman in Moscow Faiz Gilmanov. In his homeland, in the Tatar village of Medyan, in 1992-1995, the mosque "Rashida" was erected on his means, named as an entrepreneur in honor of his mother and became one of the remarkable examples of modern Islamic architecture.

The opening ceremony

The mosque on Poklonnaya Hill was opened insolemn atmosphere on September 6, 1997. The first stone with a huge crowd of people, with a traditional sacrifice, a concert and speeches of the best representatives of the clergy, science and culture of the Muslim world of Russia, was laid in 1995. Considering the fact that due to lack of sufficient funds construction began late, the Memorial Mosque was erected in a short time. Maybe because it was built of concrete slabs and only faced with red brick. The main expenses for the creation of the mosque were assumed by the Moscow government. Some support was provided in response to the appeal of the DUMER to the Muslim countries of the CIS governments of Kazakhstan and Adygea, Bashkortostan and Tatarstan. Presidents of these countries and republics came to Moscow for the grand opening of the mosque. The corps of foreign guests was very impressive.

Wonderful architecture

The Memorial Mosque on Poklonnaya Hilllooks light and airy because of the delicate snow-white trim on the red background. The 60-meter-high minaret, looking upwards, reinforces the impression. The platform for the muezzin, which calls for prayer, is located at an altitude of 50 meters.

memorial mosque on the holy mountain
Narrow windows, ribbed domes made of wrought copper,The combination of red and white makes the fourth-most modern mosque in Moscow irresistible. Inside, a lot of white stone carving, including on the eight pillars supporting the arch. Here, under the dome, there are two tiers of rooms for women. On brass boards - inscriptions in Russian and Arabic, telling, in honor of whom the mosque was erected. The room for worshipers has a size of 15x10 meters, its marble floor is covered with carpets. The necessary detail of any mosque, mihrab - niche in the wall with two columns and an arch, indicating the side where Mecca is located, is located at the entrance to the hall. Next to him, on the right side, is the pulpit for reading sermons. The mosque is very elegant and attractive, excursions are organized here.

A worthy tribute to memory

Park Victory - one of the favorite places of Muscovites,Thousands of people come here daily, thereby paying tribute to the dead. Poklonnaya Hill (photo attached) is very beautiful. Her central sculpture, a huge stele crowned with a statue of victory by Nike with two angels, and George the Victorious, killing a snake, are very impressive. The statue of the heavenly patron of Moscow is located at the foot of the stele. The main avenue with fountains and the Triumphal Gates, the sculptural composition "The Tragedy of Peoples" and the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War, a monument to soldiers-internationalists and much more - all this attracts Muscovites and guests of the capital.

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