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Hardly there is an actor more successful inThe role of the comedian than Pierre Richard. The filmography of the French star includes dozens of humorous stories that you want to watch and revise. It is enough to name the actor's name to make others laugh, remembering the bright images created by him. What pictures with his participation are mandatory for viewing?

Pierre Richard: Star Filmography

The first tape, which was attended by thenan unknown actor, was released in 1968. The director for a long time did not agree with the fact that he needed Pierre Richard as the performer of one of the roles. Filmography was officially launched by the picture "Blessed Alexander", but the future famous comedian with participation in it to the public did not remember.

Pierre Richard

The image, which is well known to all film fans,preferring French comedies, arose thanks to the project "Dissipated". This is the first movie with Pierre Richard, finally confirmed his screen image. The actor appeared in front of the audience in the role of curly blonde with the face of a sad clown, capable of laughing with his own appearance only.

Adventures of the "tall blond"

The role, found through previous paintings,was fixed thanks to the tape "The tall blond in black shoes", after which the beginning comedian had the first fans in France and beyond. The public liked the image of an awkward violinist, who happened to be in the midst of criminal quarrels.

comedies with a Richard Pierre

"The Return of the High Blond", which continuedcomedy story, was also received by the audience with enthusiasm. Pierre Richard, whose films are famous for the funny twists and turns of events, this time tries on the image of a secret superspy. Of course, the new position plunges the hero into the abyss of dangerous adventures that can cause jealousy in James Bond.


Despite the fact that the audience has already begun to learncomedy actor in person, the real fame came to him only after the tape "Toy", released in 1976. The creator of the project Francis Weber came across the idea, accidentally met in the supermarket capricious boy, tortured parents requirements. Of course, only Pierre Richard could become the protagonist of history. Filmography comedian replenished with a tape, where he acted as an actor and producer.

Pierre Richard Movies

The central character faces a difficult task.The millionaire father hires the hero Richard as a toy for his capricious son. The boy is so attached to a new friend that he refuses to part with him.

Tandem with Gerard Depardieu

Movies with Pierre Richard are incrediblefunny, but it was his creative union with Gerard Depardieu that gave the cinema some unforgettable comedies. The first in this list was the tape "Unlucky", published in 1981. The story tells of people to whom luck never turns. They are able to suffer from a fallen icicle, do not notice the glass door, be late for the plane. It is to such a rare group that the only daughter of a millionaire who is sent to look for heroes.

movies with Pierre Richard

"Papa" is another work thatIt is impossible to ignore, listing comedies with Pierre Richard. The story seems rather banal: a teenager runs away from home, quarreling with his parents. However, the boy's mother in an attempt to find it takes an original decision. She assures her two former lovers that they are the fathers of a 17-year-old boy. Men go in search, but the alleged son is not ready for unexpected care.

Also worth paying attention to the picture"Fugitives", in which, together with Depardieu starred Pierre Richard. Filmography replenished with an original story about the awkward robber of banks, managed to take as a hostage the former criminal. As a result, the kidnapped man has to take care of his own kidnapper.

Drama with Pierre Richard

Many will be surprised, but the actor takes part not only inshooting comedy stories. Spectators who like funny comedies with Pierre Richard, can look at him in the role of a dramatic hero. For example, in 2000 on the screens there was a tape "Without family", which became a screen version of the story of the same name.

cinema with a picador Richard

The central character of the drama is the elderly wanderingan artist accompanied by a small child. A strange couple earns bread by entertaining an occasional audience with street performances. History seems banal, but everything changes with the appearance of references to the terrible secret associated with the boy's past. Everything is so serious that the child is threatened with death.

"And let's live together?"- another serious film project of 2011, not like a comedy with Pierre Richard. Five elderly people, fleeing from the prospect of being in a nursing home, settle down together. They are joined by a student from Germany, whose thesis is devoted to the complexities facing older people.

What else to see

Spectators who decided to have a fun evening caninclude any comedy in which Pierre Richard was shot. Movies with him almost always turn out to be ridiculous, yet another confirmation of this is the picture "The umbrella puncture". The main character is an actor who came to the casting for the role of assassin. By the will of the case he is involved in mafia cases, concludes a contract with representatives of the criminal group. The actor turns into a killer, armed with no sham, without even knowing it.

At the moment one of the best Frenchthe actors turned 81 years old, he continues to actively act in films. Consequently, fans can expect bright new products with Pierre Richard in the title role.

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