Princess Kate Middleton is pregnant again?

Members of the British royal family have always beenthe center of public attention. With the advent of the young Kate Middleton, it became even more. This girl in its popularity has already eclipsed not only its relative Queen Elizabeth and Prince William's husband, but also the legendary princess Diana. In July 2013, Kate gave birth to a beautiful boy, and here in the information space began to talk about her next pregnancy. Since there is as yet no official explanation from the Duchess of Cambridge herself or her representatives, it remains to be wondered if it is true or not that Kate Middleton is pregnant again.

Why they say that Kate is pregnant

Scant information, coupled with ambiguousHints that are not commented on or wrapped up in the areola of meaningful silence, always generate waves of rumors and speculation. Sometimes they have nothing to do with reality, but it also happens that they are close to it ...

kate middleton is pregnant again

While it is not known exactly whether KateMiddleton is pregnant again. Talk about it went in April this year, when the American media published materials that the duchess's wardrobe has changed markedly. They noticed the trend that Kate again began to give preference to clothes of free cut. Of course, according to their version, it's nothing, except that she is pregnant again, can not mean.

Adds oil to the fire and the fact thatneither the duchess, nor her husband, nor relatives in any way comment on the appearance of these rumors. Only close to Buckingham Palace sources told that this is nothing more than a fantasy of journalists.

Why not? Is it possible that Kate Middleton is pregnant again?

In fairness, it should be noted: in that the duchess again and again "make" a pregnant woman, partly to blame herself and her husband. They have repeatedly spoken in public and in various interviews that they are not going to stop at George and want to have as many children as possible.

princess kate middleton is pregnant again

So, William himself dreams of his daughter, because in their familygirls are much smaller than boys. Therefore, he said, it would be nice to dilute this "male" kingdom (or rather, the kingdom). Kate also wants a girl, in addition, not bad and not one. After all, she was born into a large family (Kate has a sister and a brother), so she thinks that one child is not enough.

Such statements and give ground to various media for suspicions that Kate Middleton is pregnant again. But how are things really in fact?

The active life of Kate and William

While "Princess Kate Middleton is pregnant again," she is in the company of her husband and sometimes George's little sons are traveling around the world.

In March of this year, the family visited (though withoutlittle prince) in the Maldives on vacation. The youngest member of the family remained in the UK under the vigilant supervision of a nanny, which, by the way, was picked up quite recently.

In the next month, the full familywent on a voyage to former British colonies (New Zealand and Australia). Kate and William everywhere were perfectly received, they participated in various official receptions, and in Sydney they visited the famous opera. At the airport of this city, the duchess arrived in a yellow-colored dress-case fitting her figure. The cut of this garment emphasizes any flaws in the figure, but Kate's is just perfect. So to say that Kate Middleton is pregnant for the second time, yet it is not necessary (unless very small term).

Kate is known for her activity and leadershipqualities. This girl demonstrated and proved in New Zealand during the frigate. She and William decided to join the races on yachts, and on different ships. As a result, the princess went around her husband, and with quite an impressive margin.

kate middleton is pregnant with the second

Perhaps, her winnings were conceived (the prince gave his wife"To break away"), or maybe it was really a demonstration of healthy competition and evidence that the relations in this pair are built on parity, mutual respect and recognition of certain merits of each of them. Although the forces were initially "unequal": in fact, Kate still spent a lot of time in yoga classes during her university years.

Kate, William and George

While everyone is guessing, Kate Middleton is pregnant with the second child or not, her first-born is already actively coming out and touching everyone around her with her appearance and behavior.

His Royal Highness Prince of CambridgeGeorge Alexander Louis was born on July 22, 2013 in the UK, in the same hospital where his father, however, 31 years later. This event was expected no less than the wedding of Kate and William. The boy was born fairly large (3.8 kg), but was born in a natural way.

kate middleton is pregnant a second time

Of course, the question of who the boy is like was forall one of the main. While George was too small, talking about it would be premature. However, Camille Parker, so to speak, Kate's mother-in-law, once said that he is completely different from his father William. And this, she said, gives rise to doubts as to whether it is his child.

After these statements, a scandal erupted in the press. But, it seems, no one took these words seriously except Camilla herself. Given her "love" for her daughter-in-law, you can expect more from her.

George is attached to the high life

George with his parents went on their first official visit - to New Zealand. With his mother and father he takes part in almost all secular and charitable events.

kate middleton is pregnant with a second child

As part of the tour, he already visited the children'smatinee, where, as an ordinary child, he played with the rest of the children. However, he distinguished himself by the fact that he was not at all capricious, but he could not tear himself away from Kate's hair. Also present were noted that George is not developed for years, and his behavior clearly traces the makings of the leader.

One of his last visits was a visit toAustralian zoo Taronga Zoo. There the heir liked the funny little bilby creature, whom he kept trying to grab at his ears. The animal, by the way, was named after little George, maybe that's why he liked it so much.

Kate's waiting for twins?

Judging by the fact that Kate on tour is dressed inmostly in classic tight outfits, racing on yachts, perhaps the talk about her pregnancy is greatly exaggerated. Interestingly, the fantasies of journalists and other gossipers were not limited to the fact that Kate Middleton is pregnant with a second baby: they claim that the duchess is waiting for twins, and they will be girls.

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