What is the main mosque in Moscow? Location of other Muslim organizations

People of different nationalities live in Moscowand faith. To maintain their legitimate right to individual freedom, temples have been built. Let us turn to the origins of Islamic culture. Consider which mosque in Moscow is the largest. Is she the oldest of all? And also provide information on the location of the main Islamic organizations of the capital.

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Cathedral mosque - in Moscow, the main and largest

Although this Islamic temple is the largest ofall, its history begins a little more than a century ago. A few years ago, after the strongest rains, one of the walls collapsed, so arose the need for a major restoration of the mosque. Since 2006, it is being reconstructed, which is planned to be completed in 2015. Presumably, it will become one of the largest in Europe and can accommodate up to 5 thousand Muslims at the same time. But, in addition to the main Islamic temple in Moscow, there are more valuable facilities.

Which mosque in Moscow is historically the oldest?

Islamic temple on the Tatar Sloboda would be builtback in the XVIII century. At that time, the wooden structure burned out, and in its place at the beginning of the XIX century the construction of another building was started. Only after several decades the mosque was opened for visits by believers. But it happened historically that during the popular revolution of the beginning of the last century, along with the Orthodox, the Islamic temples came to ruin and came to an end. Although literally before the Second World War in it, divine services were still being performed. Only in the early 90's. the last century it was decided to return to full-fledged work this, the first mosque in Moscow. Successful reconstruction was carried out with the help of builders from Turkey and sponsors from Saudi Arabia. Around the same time, a new Islamic temple was erected on Poklonnaya Hill. The memorial mosque was built in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War and the 850th anniversary of Moscow. Let's also list the data of other religious organizations.

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Where are the mosques in Moscow? Addresses of other similar organizations

Let's list the location of the main centers of Muslims in Moscow:

- The Cathedral Mosque. It is located at the address - Vypisov lane, 7.

- The Moscow Historical Mosque. Located on the street. B. Tatarsky, 28, building 1.

- The Muslim Society at the Moscow Historical Mosque "Byte-Allah".

- Memorial mosque. Has the address: Poklonnaya Gora, st. Minskaya, house 26.

- The Mosque "Yardyam". Located on the street. Khachaturian House, 8.

- Islamic Cultural Center. Tatarskiy lane, house 5.

- International Islamic mission. Address: st. Ostozhenka, the house 49.

- "Minaret", the religious association of Muslims is on the street. Kulakov, 24, building 1.

Unfortunately, to the question "how many mosques are functioning in Moscow at the given time", you can answer with terribly miserable figures - four. Is there a plan for this problem in the near future?

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Plans for the construction of new mosques

Moscow Muslims are eagerly awaitingthe implementation of a new project, according to which it was announced that in the near future it is planned to erect at least ten new Islamic temples in the capital. After all, the situation in the capital has become too acute in recent times. This became especially evident after the recent celebration of the breakthrough, which became a vivid illustration of this. Especially popular is the Cathedral Mosque in Moscow, but near other active churches, the streets of nearby territories literally "burst" from people, as a record 200 thousand believers of Islam gathered for service. Now in Moscow, according to official figures, there are about two million Muslims, according to unofficial figures - nearly three million. Therefore, a project that regulates the issue of the coexistence of people of different nationalities and faith, should be urgently implemented in practice in the very near future.

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