Cardinal change of image: where to start?

"You must be able to change yourself in time! Change of image is a fundamental step towards favorable changes "(Evelina Khromchenko).

Change of image: psychology of transformation

image change

Psychologists often advise patients suffering fromlow self-esteem and problems of introspection, to make some changes in your life: repairing an apartment, changing a car or a job, buying a new dress or changing your hairstyle. The latter advice is more suitable for women, since the evaluation of the appearance for the fair sex is one of the main factors affecting the attitude of the world. A new hairstyle and a change of wardrobe are a good prevention of depression.

It is also proved that the change of image can affectnot only on the psychoemotional state, but also life in general. Psychologists noted that after the external transformation of a person's life, as a rule, changed for the better: improving at work, success in his personal life, solving many problems associated with insecurity.

Men change their image also has a hugeinfluence on attitude and self-esteem. For example, those representatives of the stronger sex, who preferred to change the street style of clothing to a business suit, risk getting promoted. This is because subconsciously people have a good picture equal to good content. That is, expensive clothes can provoke a rise in wages, and a worn suit, on the contrary, can leave its owner without dividends.

cardinal image change

In what situations is the image change necessary?

In the life of each person, there are moments when the change of the image is simply necessary:

  • A person throughout his life changes his image asat least four times. This is due to a change in the age threshold: childhood, adolescence, maturity and old age. Such changes are caused by a change in the values ​​and interests of people in different age periods.
  • Change of social status: rise on the career ladder, marriage with a person with high social status (politician, public figure, director of a large company, etc.), etc.

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You can also note cases where it is recommended to try changing the image to achieve some goals:

  1. In case a person wants to get a new position.
  2. Cardinal change of the sphere of activity, for example, from accountants to marketing or from artists to managers.
  3. Failures in personal life, problems of relationships with the opposite sex.
  4. Dissatisfaction with their appearance.
  5. Dissatisfaction with life as a whole.
  6. Presence of complexes, fears, self-doubt.

Change of image: where to start

change the image where to start

Not everyone can afford to hireimage maker to find the perfect image. As a rule, when it comes to changing the image, the first thing that arises in the head is a change of hair. Yes, indeed, even a new haircut can change the face of a person by 180 degrees, but if we are talking about the general concept of "image", then going to the hairdresser is just one of the possible stages in the pursuit of the ideal picture.

Cardinal change of image: the main stages of transformation.

  1. Change of hairdress - it can be shorterhaircut or change the shape of the bangs. You can even change the curls, or, conversely, straightening your hair. Often hair coloring is used - these can be cardinal changes, for example, dyeing a blonde in a brunette or choosing a different shade of hair, applying toning.
  2. Change of style is also considered an integralpart of the change of the image: the street style of clothing changes into a classic costume. Or in a soft romantic image aggressive paints are introduced. Clothing is selected depending on the purpose that the person pursues, deciding to transform.
  3. Make-up also has a huge impact ona visual portrait of the hostess. Aggressive make up is associated with fearlessness and passion. Cosmetics of pastel tones come to the refined natures, who know their worth. It is important to understand that the make-up is not considered as a tool for a cardinal image change, but rather as an adjustment of the old style to a more relevant one. In this issue it is best to turn to the master, only a professional will be able to pick up the ideal image that is suitable for all cases of life.
  4. Change of image may also includephysical changes: weight reduction, perfecting the ideal figure in the gym, adjusting the menu and changing the way of life in general. Of course, this applies only to those who decided to drastically change.

To give a full assessment of their metamorphosis, experts advise to create a separate folder "Change of image: before and after" to monitor and then compare the appearance change.

Common mistakes

Stylists note the main mistake when changing the image - throwing from extreme to extreme.

Many people are convinced that the image change must be cardinal, and everything else will follow, which is fundamentally wrong. Image is first and foremost a mirror of the soul.

change of image before and after

If the shackled girl wears a red dress withdeep decollete and at the same time impose a bright make-up on the face, it will look at least strange. But if this fashionista decides to introduce elements of business style, for example glasses with a fashionable frame, or add elements of mystery to makeup, then her image will play with new colors.

Image-makers are advised not to flirt in the pursuit of perfection. Typically, small changes are already enough to freshen the image.

Change of image and spiritual development

The popular saying goes: "They meet on clothes, but see off in mind." Change of appearance is the first stage in the transformation. It is important to understand that the outer shell should reflect the inner world of man. Because of the change in the image, dramatic changes can indeed take place, but in order to consolidate their achievements, constant intellectual and spiritual development is necessary.

Still, when someone decides to change, heimplies the disposal or acquisition of some qualities. For example, a modest woman who puts on an expensive business suit, expects that in a new outfit she will be perceived as a successful woman. Here it is worth pointing out that changes in appearance can give some self-confidence, but in order to achieve real success, complex work on your inner self is necessary. Sometimes people have to turn to psychoanalysts to solve an internal conflict, and this is absolutely the right decision.

Only after a person achieves inner harmony, one can speak of some kind of global metamorphosis.

Hollywood stars: image change, photo

A wonderful example of changing the image was shown by the charming sisters Olsen: from romantic girls Mary-Kate and Ashley turned into exquisite secular divas.

Another change of image (photo before and after see below) is demonstrated by singer Beyonce, who quite often changes her image to the delight of fans.

change of image before and after photo

In conclusion

Changing the image always opens the door to new opportunities. The main thing that one should not forget when changing the appearance is that the visual image must always correspond to the inner world.

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