What is the largest pike in the world?

Fishing is a very interesting thing. They are fond of not only men, but also many of the fair sex. For most of them today, this hobby is a real hobby to which they devote and holidays, and weekends, and time off, and holidays.

Inveterate fishermen use professionalequipment, read special literature, make trips to distant lakes and rates, spend there for an extremely long time. Any such amateur must have a personal record, imprinted on the photo with the signature: "My Biggest Pike", "The Most Successful Catch" or "The Most Successful Fisherman". This trophy is shown with pleasure and pride to the guests.

largest pike

Given the propensity of fishermen of all ages tosome exaggerations, we can conclude that not all stories about huge pikes caught in the history of mankind can be trusted. For example, there is a legend that the largest pike was caught by conventional seine in 1497, and its age was 270 years.

Determine how old the pike was, helpeda ring worn on this fish by the order of King Frederick II allegedly in 1230. Probably, the pike was caught in those times, and then it was simply ringed, and then released to freedom.

It is said that this largest pike was a length of 5meters 70 centimeters, and its weight reached 140 kg! The same story adds that in its scales there was no natural pigment - it was pure white. There is also a legend that the skeleton of the caught fish was transferred to one of the museums of the German city of Mannheim.

But by other sources this skeletonrepeatedly subjected to analysis, and the results showed that he is an ordinary forgery. This is not the biggest pike, because the mock-up has collected five different pikes from the spine.

But modern zoology has scientifically stated that the largest pike in the world today lives in North America, in Canada. It is called masking. This species is very similar to the usual pike.

the largest pike in the world

Compared with other of their congeners pikeThe type of masking is much more enduring, it has larger dimensions and longer life expectancy. The color of the scales of this species is also similar to that of a typical pike. They can be silvery or brown, gray or green with stripes of a dark shade, decaying into spots.

In 1660 an episode of catching was recordeda similar specimen by Pierre Radisson, a French researcher. The registered catch was two meters in size and weighing seventy-five kilograms. And although there is no material evidence as a photograph or skeleton until our time, this information can be considered true, as some specimens of these American predators reach a weight of 50 kilograms.

Maskinong is the largest pike. Photos made by modern anglers definitely prove this. Let this instance not exactly 2 meters, but after all the episode is not included in the Guinness book. For fish of this species the length of 180 centimeters is considered the most common thing.

biggest pike photo

Small squint-maskungings already begin to eatlive food, as befits a predator, in the first year of its existence, having a body length of only five centimeters. Thanks to this, they grow extremely fast. For his life - and this is about thirty years - they gain weight on average 32 kilograms.

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