Russian proverbs about fear: a vivid example of ridiculing cowardice and exalting courage

Since ancient times people have composed proverbs about fear. At the same time they should not intimidate people, but on the contrary, teach them to proudly overcome all life's obstacles. After all, the Russian people were always famous for their boldness, which means that it was necessary to maintain their reputation.

Many proverbs about fear could reach ourdays. And now we can use them to look at the world differently and thereby strengthen our character. And therefore let's consider the most vivid examples of proverbs and sayings about fear and courage.

proverbs about fear

There is nothing worse than fear

Our ancestors said: "A hero dies once, but a coward - a hundred times." This they wanted to show how much the fear affects the soul of a person. After all, this feeling eats from within, thus bringing a terrible torture. It is this truth that first of all wants to show proverbs about fear to people.

In order to prove this statement more clearly, we give examples of such sayings:

  • The coward does not know life, he is only afraid of losing her.
  • Whoever trembles from the wind, he will run away from the shadow.
  • A frightened hare and an old stump with a wolf will be imagined.
  • Who is afraid of everything, even in the eyes of the enemy is twofold.
  • One coward can destroy the entire army.
  • The coward in the eyes of all increases - and the difficulties and turmoil.
  • At fear of an eye as a bowl, and all the same does not see a crumb.

Proverbs about fear and courage

Another way to show the absurdity of fearis its comparison with courage. After all, everyone wants to be heroes in the eyes of their loved ones. And it is on this quest that many proverbs of fear and boldness are based.

proverbs about fear and courage

Let's look at the most vivid examples of such comparisons in Russian proverbs and sayings:

  • Heroes do not die, they remain forever in the hearts of the people.
  • The bold one hundred roads, but the coward has only one, and then on it the bears always go.
  • One bold seven is timid.
  • The hero there will pass, where the coward even looks to take care.
  • The barking dog is barking, but the coward will bite his leg.
  • Happiness and luck only brave people are persecuted.

Methods of combating fear

However, Russian proverbs about fear not onlyridicule cowardice, but also give good advice on how to overcome it. Perhaps this is their greatest service to the people. In order to prove this, we give some examples of such proverbs and sayings:

  • It's worth dumping fear out of the mind, and he immediately leaves the heart.
  • Where there is no knowledge, there is no boldness.
  • Do not turn into a sheep, because you do not have to be afraid of a wolf.
  • There are many fears, but one life.
  • There is no one who dares not to know fear, but one who, having seen him, moved forward.
  • The devil is not so terrible as he is painted.
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