Who is Cap and why is it so popular?

Using the Internet from time to time, youprobably wondered who such a cap. After all, mention of him can be seen in every second comment on the forum! Perhaps it is some national hero of our time?

Well, you can say so.Have you ever been irritated by people who, in difficult situations, broadcast about what everyone has known for a long time? And doing this with the appearance of a higher eastern Guru, informing you of the main mystery of the universe. So, all these types and served as the basis for creating a new superhero of the Internet. The cap, the comics about which flooded the virtual space, is engaged in helping people. And he does not require anything in return!

who is the cap

True, his help is unique.A vivid example of helping the cap to the population can be considered ex-President Medvedev, who, after coming to power, once said: "Freedom is better than not being free." However, his colleague, George Bush Jr. (also ex-president), did not lag behind: how do you phrase "He is hiding", to which the president enlightened journalists? They wanted to know why Bin Laden is still at large, despite all attempts by the US army to catch him.

In addition, the question: "Who is the cap?"And a satirical series" South Park ", in which the appearance of this amazing character can be seen in 11 series of the 14th season, is also not bad. In the cartoon, under the guise of Kap, politicians and journalists cruelly ridiculed, who, after the tragedy on BP's oil production platform, uttered empty and obvious phrases with clever airs (and it was thanked by a jubilant crowd for them!). As you can see, Cap Evidence is not only a positive hero.

cap comics

However, in most cases, the image of Cap is more likelyiskosatirichesky. Thanking Kap in the comments, the man shows his disdain for the previous speaker, who revealed to everyone the secret of the multinational. Unfortunately, such people are becoming more and more.

It must be remembered that the real cap is alwayspronounces after the utterance of another deep thought, "So-and-so." This is different from the pathetic amateurs who are just trying to imitate him. The difficulty in recognizing the Captain lies in his exceptional ability to change his appearance. You never know for sure who he might be next time! So the question: "Who is the Cap?" So far can be considered an unsolved mystery of modernity.

cap evidentity

But why was Cap so popular?a hero that the whole world knows? The thing is that the appearance of Cap provides a chance to discharge the situation. In addition, with the help of the Captain, it is brief and capacious to characterize a person who is trying to pass for the clever one. At the same time he says a lot of all known things, dreaming to hide his ignorance.

In this case, the Captain hurries to help and putsthe arrogant fugitive in his place. Knowing who the Cap is, you can accurately answer your opponent in a dispute. Of course, that the frequent use of the name of Cap does not lead to anything good, since you yourself can turn into it. Do not overdo it!

So, after learning about the secret of the Cap, you can feel more confident in the controversy of any complexity, easily answering the most tricky questions.

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