What is a tomb - the definition of a concept

Many people have met with the concept of "tomb," reading books or watching historical films, but not everyone can say exactly what a tomb is. Let's look at what this word means.


What is a tomb? The answer is quite simple. Tomb - an architectural structure, which is a burial place. The body of the deceased is placed in such a structure and is stored there in a coffin or sarcophagus. The role of the tomb can be played, for example, a crypt.

what is a tomb

Types of Tombs

Having learned what a tomb is, let's figure it out with theirvarieties. Tombs known to mankind since the days of Ancient Egypt. Everyone has heard about the pyramids of Giza, ancient tombs, in which sarcophagi with the bodies of the pharaohs were kept. Relatives of the rulers were buried in less luxurious places - low stone structures, rather gloomy inside. The pyramid of Cheops - the answer to the question, what is a tomb in the Ancient World.

Another kind of tomb is stone. This type was used even in the most ancient times, when the body of the deceased was placed in a small building built of stones.

ancient tombs

If you ask a person what a tomb is,most likely, he will answer that it is a crypt. And this is right, because the crypt is really the most popular version of the tomb, which is used in the modern world. The crypt is a separate building, in which there is usually only one room, where coffins are stored with the bodies of the deceased. Usually crypts are family property.

The mausoleum is another kind of tomb. They usually bury famous people, politicians or artists. From the crypt, this version of the structure is large in size, and in that there are, as a rule, the remains of one person. The mausoleum consists of a chamber where the coffin is placed, and a hall intended for a wake.

There are other types of tombs, but these are considered basic.

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