The main attractions of Taldom: list, photos and descriptions

A hundred kilometers from the capital is comfortably locatedthe old provincial Taldom. In this city, as well as in its surroundings, there are many interesting places that will be interesting to visit the curious tourist. In this article you will find a list of the main attractions of Taldom with descriptions and photos.

Taldom: a portrait of the city

Taldom is located in the far north of Moscowregion. The city was founded in the second half of the XVII century. After a while it becomes a major center for the production of footwear. By the end of the 19th century, the proud title of the "capital of the shoemaker's land" had been established outside the city. According to statistics of that time, every fifteenth inhabitant of the empire wore shoes made by local craftsmen. Today about 13 thousand people live in Taldom.

The main attractions of Taldom are hisnumerous ancient buildings. Among them - and brick, and wooden buildings. The first differ in figured brick masonry, the latter - complex carved patterns and beautiful wooden platbands.

Taldom attractions

In addition to shoes, the Taldom region is famous ...literature. It was here that many famous writers, poets and critics were born: ME Saltykov-Shchedrin, SA Klychkov, M. Prishvin, I. Kitaev and others. In Taldom there is even a literary museum. It's not often that you see this in a small provincial town!

The best attractions of Taldom and the surrounding area are listed below. Some of them will be described in more detail later in the article.

  1. Historical and literary museum.
  2. Temple of the Archangel Michael.
  3. Building of fire department.
  4. A complex of ancient shopping arcades.
  5. Children's library building.
  6. Family estate ME Saltykov-Shchedrin (village Spas-Ugol).
  7. House-Museum of SA Klychkov (Dubrovka village).
  8. Georgievsky churchyard (the village of Veretyevo).
  9. Porcelain factory in Verbilki.
  10. The nature reserve "Crane Homeland".

Taldom Historical and Literary Museum

The main attraction of Taldoma is connected withliterature. The historical-literary museum is in the center, on Saltykov-Shchedrin street, 41. And this is not surprising, because most of its expositions are dedicated to this figure of Russian culture. The museum presents books, personal items, photographs, as well as autographs of those writers and poets who lived, worked or simply visited Taldom.

The Taldom Museum conducts regular excursions and lectures on literature. Annually it is visited by more than 4 thousand people.

Architecture of the city

Noteworthy tourists alsoarchitectural sights of Taldom. So, the historical and literary museum, which was discussed above, was located in the former Volkov manor. This is the oldest stone house in Taldom, which was built in the second half of the XIX century. In the interiors of the manor there is an authentic stucco molding, parquet and a real Russian stove!

But the city library is todaybrick house of merchant FK Kiselev. This building is distinguished by a very complicated masonry and intricate patterns. The roof of Kiselev's house is decorated with miniature kokoshniks.

Another valuable architecturalTaldoma sight is a fire tower. It was built at the beginning of the twentieth century, and in 2013 it was completely restored. Today in the former building of the fire station there is a city registry office. The construction itself became almost the main business card of Taldom.

the best attractions of Taldom and the surrounding area

Porcelain factory in Verbilki

In the village of Verbilki, which is 20 km from Taldoma to the south,is the oldest porcelain factory not only in Russia, but throughout Europe. The factory was founded here in 1766. It is known that she supplied her products, including, to the Imperial Palace.

Taldom attractions with descriptions

The enterprise successfully works today. And gladly conducts excursions for visitors! Here tourists can watch how a small porcelain work of art is born. The most interesting is the painting workshop of the plant, where the art painting of finished products takes place.

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