Karmanovskoe Reservoir: description, rest, photo

Karmanovskoye reservoir is located in the republicBashkortostan in the city of Neftekamsk on the Buy River. It dates back to 1963 and is popular with fishing enthusiasts. A large number of fish is due to the annual replenishment of its reserves for water purification purposes for the use of the Karmanovskaya GRES. In rainy weather and the period of high water you can admire beautiful artificial waterfalls.

Karmanovskoye reservoir

general characteristics

Karmanovskoe reservoir inhabits such fish,as perch, perch, carp and pike. Due to the purest water in the pond, a large population of crayfish lives. Around the reservoir stretches picturesque landscapes, which along the Buy River are somewhat spoiled by concrete beaches. The reservoir as a resting place is relatively unknown among potential tourists. But, on the other hand, this is a virtue, because it allows you to see the pristine nature, not spoiled by the presence of numerous holidaymakers.

Unconditional plus of rest on KarmanovskoyeThe reservoir is a unique opportunity to be in the most beautiful places with the purest air. Having visited the river bank and having rested from everyday problems, with new forces one can return to daily activities.

karmanovskoe reservoir holidays

Details about the pond

Karmanovskoe reservoir (rest on it is described in the article) occupies almost 4 thousand km2. Its length is 15 km and its width is 3.5 km(the maximum mark). The average depth is 3.8 m, but there is an area where this figure increases to 12 m. A dam is installed on the reservoir, its length is about 3 thousand meters.

Due to the fact that there is a risk of overgrowing the reservoir, it actively launches fry. Otherwise, the bottom will simply be covered with mucus, which will interfere with its intended purpose.

To use the local power plant was createdKarmanovskoe Reservoir. Rest on it is very popular with fishermen. By the way, they are allowed to fish a huge amount of fish. There are often competitions.

There are many seashells on the bottom of the pond. The water itself is quite warm and clean - this leads to a large number of tourists.

In 1967 the reservoir was put into operation. The hydraulic unit, which stands on an artificial stream, consists of a dam, a dam, several water intakes and a catchment mechanism.

 Karmanovskoe Reservoir recreation center

"Scarlet Sails"

Karmanovskoe reservoir has on its shoresseveral recreation centers. Some of them will be discussed in this article. In 27 km from the city of Neftekamsk there is a recreation center "Scarlet Sails". It works year-round. Its territory is surrounded by picturesque deciduous forests. Accommodation is organized in cozy two-storey wooden cottages. They are equipped with modern appliances and furniture. In each there are gazebos with barbecues for cooking shish kebab and smoking fish. On the territory of the recreation center there is a well-equipped beach equipped with sun beds. Vacationers have the opportunity to ride on catamarans and boats. Free parking is provided for motorists.

For children's recreation in the base there isA playground equipped with sports and gaming equipment. Children have the opportunity to have fun while playing or swimming. For adults, a volleyball court is organized. In winter, there is a lighted skating rink and a ski base. Each for himself will find a lot of entertainment on such a water body as the Karmanovskoe reservoir. The recreation center is equipped with everything necessary to ensure that vacationers receive maximum positive impressions.

The specialization of this complex isorganization of fishing. To do this, there are all possibilities (a fish-filled pond, experienced instructors, the opportunity to cook a variety of dishes from the caught catch themselves). On the territory of the camp, vacationers can have fun in a large company, having a picnic. Reservation of cottages is carried out by phone or by means of a site of a recreation center. Reception of guests takes place in the morning and in the evening. Meals are organized in the dining room on site and are included in the price. The menu consists of traditional dishes of Russian cuisine. Fish culinary masterpieces are widely represented.

Karmanovskoe reservoir of Bashkortostan holidays

Friendly staff is responsible for their work and willingly helps guests in organizing recreation, in particular fishing. Holidaymakers have the opportunity to visit the sauna.

"At the Lukomorye"

Karmanovskoe reservoir seems enoughA good place for lovers of "wild" recreation. For example, you can stay in the recreation center "U Lukomorie". It originally functioned as a tourist base of the Neftekamsk Automobile Plant, and then as a ski resort. This status was due to the small mountain Tashtau, with which ski slopes were carried out. For a while the main activity of the recreation center was the renting of small guest houses for rent to tourists. However, in the present, it gradually comes to desolation.

Karmanovskoye reservoir

How to get to the reservoir?

Get to the Karmanovsky reservoir and baserecreation "Scarlet Sails" is possible, after reaching the city of Neftekamsk, and from there - to the village of Karmanovo, Yanaulsky district. On the way there are signs on the road. It is best to get to the base by personal vehicles. It is also possible to get from the city of Neftekamsk by shuttle. Often drivers bring tourists directly to the shores of such a beautiful water body as the Karmanovskoe reservoir.

Bashkiria (rest in local places enjoysgreat popularity) - an area rich in scenic landscapes and almost untouched nature. Everyone who comes here on vacation is charged with positive emotions for a whole year!

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