Stadiums in Krasnodar: the history of the two arenas

Football Krasnodar can not yet make upcompetition to the Moscow teams and the St. Petersburg Zenit in terms of the struggle for the championship in the Premier League, but there is no doubt that there is a game of millions in this city. Local clubs "Kuban" and "Krasnodar" - a kind of third force in the Russian championship, and football stadiums in Krasnodar take full stands spectators almost at every match of the championship. However, now not only the championship, the successes of both teams in recent years give them the right to participate in a tournament held under the auspices of UEFA - the League of Europe.

stadiums in Krasnodar

Football stadiums in Krasnodar

Until recently, both Krasnodar collectiveheld their home matches at the stadium "Kuban", built in the post-war years of the last century. Such a situation is not convenient for clubs in drawing up a calendar of matches, but history knows many examples where teams from one city for a long time conducted home matches in the general arena (Inter and Milan, Juventus and Torino, etc.)

In 2016, a new football stadium was opened FC "Krasnodar", where, in fact, moved the team with the same name.

Stadium "Kuban"

The home arena of the same club is ready to accommodateon their stands a little more than 35 thousand spectators, on this indicator the structure is included in the TOP-5 most capacious stadiums in Russia. At the end of the last century and at the beginning of the new "Kuban" twice it was subjected to global renovations, as a result of which new comfortable seats appeared in the stands, a new digital board was installed, the running tracks along the field were changed, and the structure of the arena received a new modern look. At different times, the stadium "Kuban" hosted matches for the Russian Super Cup, as well as friendly international fights.

stadium fk Krasnodar

Stadium "Krasnodar"

The leaders of the new project, obviously, did notinvent fancy names for the arena being prepared for opening, and so, the stadiums in Krasnodar will continue to bear the names of the teams that conduct their home matches on them.

"Krasnodar" is designed in accordance withmodern requirements for design and safety engineering with the participation of engineers from Germany. The structure has a modern look, a parking lot, designed for 3000 parking spaces, its own park. The highlight of the new stadium is a huge 3D screen with an area of ​​4.7 square meters. km. The arena is designed for 34,000 seats.

In the opening match, which took place in October2016, the Russian national football team hosted the Costa Rican national team. In the same autumn stadiums in Krasnodar hosted home matches of the Europa League, in particular, on the "Krasnodar" the same-name team played with the German "Schalke 04".

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