Rupert Sanders: Filmography

Rupert Sanders - British film director, known for the films "Snow White and the Hunter" and "Ghost in the Shell."

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Rupert Sanders was born in March 1971 in London. The boy was the oldest child in the family of Thalia and Michael Sanders.

Rupert Sanders

Career in the advertising industry

Sanders' ability to find a balance between the epicspectacle and impeccable detail made him one of the most sought-after directors of large-scale projects. Having signed a contract on cooperation with MJZ in 2005, Sanders acted as the director of many television commercials, including one video for the Halo 3 computer game advertising campaign, which brought him two Golden Lions at the "Kanskie Lions" International Advertising Festival.


Rupert Sanders debuted at the cinema with work"Snow White and the Hunter" in June 2012. It was a new look at the old fairy tale, starring Chris Hemsworth, Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron. The film budget was $ 170 million, including eight-digit marketing costs. The film was successful, it paid off and raised more than 396 million dollars at the box office.

director Rupert Sanders

Sanders also directed the film adaptationJapanese sci-fi manga and anime "Ghost in the Shell". The film was produced by Avi Arad and Stephen Paul, and starring Scarlett Johansson.

"Snow White and the Hunter"

It took Sanders 5 years to decide onshooting a movie. Arriving in Los Angeles, he began to read all the scenarios in a row, admiring the work of writers. You can not just enter the business, so Rupert Sanders met with the directors of the studios, with major producers, he studied with professionals.

Rupert was looking for an optional large-scale project, but something that would have greatly upset him. And he found it.

Rupert Sanders filmography

According to Sanders, "Snow White" is the bestfairy tale. He says: "I do not like balls and sleeping beauties, this kind of thing." I think in "Snow White" I like the fact that these images scared me from the very childhood: the queen, the mirror, the heart, the hunter and the enchanted forest ... Therefore, my main goal was to rethink these fabulous symbols. " Behind every idea in this tale lies a huge psychological component, which is why these stories live for so long. People all over the world still love them. Therefore, the film "Snow White and the Hunter" was for Sanders an excellent opportunity to return to the source and turn it into something completely new and modern, while adhering to the fabulous version of the Brothers Grimm.

Director Rupert Sanders describes the film asemotional blockbuster. According to him, most blockbusters are a bit empty. He also wanted to create something bright and beautiful, frightening and exciting. Sanders wanted to show a fairy tale from different angles, without driving it into the framework of one genre, as it often happens today.

"Ghost in armor"

In this film, it becomes clear what it means to beman. If you can "copy" your mind into another body, at what point do you stop being human? Does the body or mind make us who we are? In addition, in the world of Ghost in the Shell, hackers can inject memories into your head, and the recipient can not tell which ones are real, and which are fake. The world of the "Ghost in the Shell" is trying to deal with real problems in the technologically developed world.

Of course, you can not make a high-budgetHollywood film, only by solving these philosophical questions. But if you mix these topics with a cool story and a terrific action, you probably want to see it.

Rupert Sanders filmography

In the film, Scarlett Johansson plays the role of majorspecial forces to World Killian, the only hybrid of the cyborg man leading the elite counter-terrorism group "Ninth Department". Sent to the stop of the most dangerous criminals, the "Ninth Division" encounters an enemy whose only goal is to destroy all the achievements of cyber technologies.

Personal life

Since 2002, Rupert Sanders has been married to a modelLiberty Ross, sister of the Oscar winner, the famous composer Atticus Ross. Although Sanders and Ross are British, both moved to Los Angeles so that Rupert could freely pursue his career. The couple have two children: the son of Tennyson and the daughter of Skyla. In July 2012, US Weekly magazine published photos where it looks like Sanders is betraying his wife with actress Kristen Stewart. Sanders and Stewart made public apologies and repented of the deed, but Ross filed for divorce with Sanders in January 2013. She demanded joint custody of children, alimony and payment of court costs. The divorce proceedings were completed on May 30, 2014, the requirements of the spouse were satisfied.

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