Izhevsk The central square of the city. The history of its development and the contemporary role in society

The central square of the city of Izhevsk is the main square of the capital of Udmurtia, its socio-political and cultural center. It was built in the second half of the twentieth century.


There is an area in the central part of the city, in Oktyabrsky district. It adjoins the streets of Pushkin and Karl Marx. It towers over the city and is approximately one kilometer fromthe waterfront pond. Territorially the main square of Izhevsk is stretched from east to west. From the east it adjoins Pushkinskaya Street, Karl Marx from the west, Nagovitsyn from the north and Likhvintsev from the south.

Izhevsk central square

The central square of Izhevsk is a part of a long pedestrian passage from Pushkinskaya Street to the embankment of the Izhevsky Pond. This is a popular holiday destination not only for residents, but also for the guests of the capital of Udmurtia.

Development of the territory

In the central square of Izhevsk there are buildingsand structures. They have cultural, social, social significance in the public life of the city: the Government House, the Honor Board, the Opera and Ballet Theater, the Central Department Store, the Metallurg Palace of Culture, the Rossiya cinema, the Gallery Exhibition Center, the Park Inn Hotel , hotel "Central", sculpture "Izhik", light and music fountain.


In the 19th century in the Izhevsk settlement the main squareThere was the Piazza Square, now this place is occupied by the summer garden. Gorky. The territory of the modern Central Square at the time was part of a huge uncomfortable Mikhailovskaya Square. On it were drying sheds of the city factory and the barracks of the former military unit.

Mikhailovsky Square after the October Revolutionwas renamed the Red and became a city center, where before the Great Patriotic War there were demonstrations and political processions, folk festivals and mass events.

In 1961, the area beginstransformed and built up. The drying sheds of the factory were demolished, in their place the administrative building of the Council of Ministers of the UASSR (currently the Government House) was erected.

the central square of the city of Izhevsk

In 1965, the Hotel Izhevsk was built.In the late 60's. the barracks are finally demolished, and the Central Department Store and the "Russia" cinema are built in their place. In March 1970, Red Square is renamed the Central Square. In 1975, the construction of the Palace of Culture "Metallurg" is coming to an end. In 1977, in Izhevsk in the city center, the construction of the most popular pedestrian bridge in the city, which runs through tram lines along Karl Marx Street, begins. In 1984, a musical theater was built on the territory of the square (now the Opera and Ballet Theater).

In 2008, the Central Square was reconstructed, the pavement was replaced and a light and music fountain was erected.

On the 90th anniversary of the statehood of the Udmurt Republic in the Central Square was installed sculpture "Izhik", which became a talisman and landmark of the city of Izhevsk.


The central square of Izhevsk is a favorite placewalks and recreation of citizens. All the main festive and solemn events, fairs, concerts, exhibitions, folk festivals are organized and held here. For example, on the day of the city of Izhevsk, the following performers performed at the Central Square: Alexander Buynov, Sergei Lazarev, Ivanushki International, Larisa Dolina, Kristina Orbakaite, Igor Nikolaev, Valery Syutkin, Na-Na, Oleg Gazmanov, Dima Bilan , Nikolay Baskov, "Bricks", "Kalinov Bridge" and others.

In the square, variousPolitical actions, such as demonstrations, rallies, pickets. Various festivals are held here. For example, the festival of blacksmith's art gave the city a lot of sculptures, which today decorate the square and streets of the city. Sculpture from this festival "Cat scientist" decorated the square in Pushkinskaya Street and became a favorite object of citizens and guests of the city.

In summer for children on the square there are children's attractions, you can ride cars and slides. In winter, they set up a central Christmas tree and build an ice town.

Trade fairs

In the Central square every yearlarge-scale fair. The All-Russian Fair (one of the largest in Russia) was held in 2017 for the first time in Izhevsk on the Central Square. More than 130 enterprises of the country were represented at the fair: dairy and meat products of Udmurt commodity producers, seafood from Kamchatka and Sakhalin, Yakut meat delicacies, healthy food products, cheese from Abkhazian, Belarusian and Russian cheese makers, linen goods, household goods, toys, clothes , shoes and much more.

Fair in Izhevsk on the Central Square

In the Central Square, otherfairs, timed to various festive and memorable dates. On the Day of National Unity, a large-scale national fair is organized, by the New Year - New Year's, by the beginning of the new academic year, a school fair is organized annually. In addition, there is a honey fair and agricultural products.

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