Cigarette brands: list. Grades of thin cigarettes

In no source will you find the exact date,indicating the day on which humanity first became acquainted with tobacco. Taste it many centuries ago knew the people of America and Asia. For some peoples, such as the ancient Aztecs, tobacco was simply necessary, as it was an integral part of the rituals.

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Tobacco in Russia

Russians got acquainted with tobacco in the sixteenth century. This product quickly began to gain popularity, despite the fact that the church was categorically against its use.

Priests forbade smoking, attributed tobacco toone of the sinful temptations. Meanwhile, as we see, smoking not only took root in Russia, but still exists. After all, every day we can see showcases in stores, in which we see a variety of brands of cigarettes.

Of course, we all know that "the Ministry of Health warns ...", but not everyone is able to easily get rid of bad habits. And not everyone wants it.

To date, in some circlesa person is judged based on which cigarette brand he prefers. In this article, we tried to find out, what are the most popular and bought brands of cigarettes? The list of the world's top ten is lower.

First place

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The production of Marlboro cigarettes began back in 1924year. From the first years this brand began to occupy leading positions in world markets and gives their other products very rarely. Filip Morris produces these cigarettes. There are three types of Marlboro cigarettes - red, gold and silver. They are sold all over the world.

Second place

brands of cigarettes in Russia

In our stores you can see a variety ofexcise stamps of cigarettes produced by Philip Morris. One of the most popular is the Parliament. In the line of this brand is given a huge number of different species. It is believed that a person who smokes these cigarettes, emphasizes his status. After all, the price for them is quite high, it is one of the most expensive tobacco products in the world.

Third place

excise stamps of cigarettes

The first Winston cigarettes were released in 1954. Successfully debuted in the US market. After that, for six years, took first place in the list of the most popular brands in the world. And today Winston is considered by many to be the best cigarettes.

Fourth place

It's just a cigarette [email protected] This brand of cigarettes was created in 1953. After a while, she began to confidently conquer the Latin American, Asian and European markets. The main distinguishing feature of these cigarettes is high quality and reasonable price.

Fifth place

For the first time Camel cigarettes appeared in 1913. In the modern market, they are still considered one of the most popular. Often this brand is compared with Marlboro. In some ways they are, of course, similar. However, many smokers are sure that Marlboro is only trying to equal Camel. And Camel has the most unique taste and aroma, as they were the first in the tobacco market, and nobody will be able to repeat this product.

Sixth place

For a long time, Dunhill cigarettes were considered hugeluxury. And today they are not available to everyone. The price for them is quite high. However, the quality of these products is worthy of such spending. There is a range of Dunhill and brands of thin cigarettes, and the usual, familiar products. They are produced by the company "British American Tobacco" and are considered one of those sold in European countries, despite a rather high price.

Seventh Place

They created cigarettes New Port back in 1957 inThe United States of America. The main feature of this brand of cigarettes is a huge assortment, a large number of varieties. There are strong, and medium, and light, and super light, and menthol cigarettes New Port. To date, this brand has won half of the African market and is very popular in its historic homeland.

Eighth place

The Hilton cigarettes are produced by the British companyAmerican Tobacco. "The brands of cigarettes produced by this manufacturer have always been of high quality and relatively low price.There are two types of these cigarettes - Platinum and Gold, the first - very strong, with a strong smell of tobacco, the second - light and smell quite a bit.

Ninth place

In the ninth place settled cigarettes [email protected] They are very inexpensive. However, the quality of this brand of cigarettes is quite high. Produced by the famous company "Philip Morris". The most popular cigarettes are used by people working in the middle class. They have a lot of options. There are very light, there are very strong.

Tenth place

And they close the world top ten cigarettes Pall Mall. In 1899, this brand began to rapidly gain popularity. These cigarettes are made from a mixture of several high-end tobacco varieties. They are very popular in Asia and Europe. Overtake on their popularity, they and many brands of cigarettes in Russia. A variety of shapes and tastes attracts consumers.

Cigarettes for ladies

brands of thin cigarettes

Over the years, tobacco has been consumed onlymen. Not only tobacco for smoking, but also chewing, and snuff, and pipe was intended only for the stronger sex. A female representative who uses tobacco in one form or another - this was a very unusual phenomenon.

The first cigarettes that were released specificallyfor women, appeared in America in 1924. It was Marlboro products. Over time, many companies decided to produce female brands of cigarettes and the range began to expand.

Women's range

For women at all times produced in the mainbrands of thin cigarettes. The first Marlboro cigarettes had a standard thickness, they were packed in a pack of white color, along which flowed ornate inscriptions. On the filter was a red special strip, which was supposed to hide the remaining lipstick on it. However, the products were not popular, despite all the advertising tricks.

The next female brand was - Vogue. Mark was actively promoted. With the help of advertising, the smoking woman was pictured in the imagination of consumers, as a refined, confident, stylish and strong person. The manufacturer also focused on the design of the cigarette pack. It was this company that came up with the idea to make the female version of its products more refined and refined. So there were thin and long cigarettes. At first there were only two kinds of Vogue cigarettes - ordinary and menthol. These ladies' cigarettes, unlike Marlboro, began to gain popularity and over time their assortment significantly expanded. Over time, it was this company that first produced thin cigarettes in a shorter bundle, saying that in this format it is more convenient to carry them with them.


Of course, not all brands are described herecigarettes. The list can be continued indefinitely. For example, there are very popular women's cigarettes brands Glamor and Esse. A huge popularity for men and women of the beautiful half of humanity are such brands as Sobranie, Kent, "Lucky Strike", Bond and many others.

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