Proverbs and proverbs about happiness and grief

For a long time people have been thinking about the vicissitudesof destiny. On the variability of her character written a lot of literary works and philosophical treatises. Folk wisdom also did not ignore this topic. Proverbs about happiness and grief of different countries are often very similar. Because their authorship belongs mainly to the simple people. And who, if not the poor, know what a cool nature Fortune has.

Proverbs about happiness and grief

Russian proverbs about happiness and grief

Harsh living conditions and hard work taughta simple people to look at what is happening from a philosophical point of view. This approach helped not to lose courage and endure adversity, while preserving the purity of the soul, faith and love of life. That is why many proverbs about happiness and grief of the Russian people are filled with sadness and hope at the same time.

  • Happiness lives in time, but sorrow is beyond it.
  • Joy with misfortune, like the sun with rainy weather - live changeable.
  • Happiness - a person is upset, but grief - hunch.
  • Happiness with grief lives side by side.
  • Not having tasted grief, you will not learn happiness.
  • For the joy of sadness on the heels of walking.
  • Happiness is not eternal, but the misfortune is not infinite.
  • Woe comes on horseback, but leaves on foot.
  • The misfortune, like years, leaves a furrow on the face.
  • Trouble in the forest does not wander, but it comes to people in the house.
  • Grief and joy go only in the sleigh.
  • Smile - happiness right under your nose.
  • Find happiness - hard work, and lose - a trifle.
  • The misfortune wounds the heart, like a worm nut.
    Russian proverbs about happiness and grief

English proverbs and sayings about happiness and grief

The English poor also had a hard time. Endless wars and epidemics have done their job. And the simple people had no choice but to apply themselves to life and take it with faith in the best. This perception of the surrounding and imbued with English proverbs about happiness and grief.

  • The only cure for grief is work.
  • There is no greater pain than the memory of past joy in the woeful times.
  • Tears are the silent language of grief.
  • Sorrow drains, joy fills.
  • Do not worry. Everything that you lost, will return in another similarity.
  • Everyone chooses for himself whether to be happy or not.
  • Grief is the price we pay for happiness.
  • The common misfortune binds more strongly than the general joy.
  • Idleness is happiness for children and suffering for the elderly.
  • Divided joy is always greater, divided grief is always less.
  • Misery is like waves of tide and ebb. Can cover with his head or move away. All we can do is learn how to swim.
  • Misfortunes fall not rain, but downpour.
  • Happiness is like a brittle glass - it's easy to smash.
    Proverbs and sayings about happiness and grief

Arab sayings about misfortune and joy

Sadness and a certain doom fill Arabian proverbs about happiness and sorrow, which are a reflection of the difficulties borne by ordinary people.

  • He who hides his grief, will not find a cure for him.
  • Misfortunes are forgotten in grief.
  • The greatest misfortune comes through loved ones.
  • If you have not tried the bitter, then you can not appreciate the sweet.
  • The trouble comes through the wide doors.
  • Only you will reconcile with one trouble, on a threshold already another costs.
  • Woe falls upon a man from his tongue.
  • To each is given as much as he can bear.
  • Happiness - a pinch, and grief - bags.
  • Who does not value his happiness - comes close to grief.
  • Time of happiness is short.
  • Many works bring many joys.
  • It is better to survive misfortune than to live in fear of it.
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