Child Evelina Bledans. Biography and personal life of the actress

Evelina Bledans is known to the public as a nurse from"Mask-show", popular TV presenter and actress. It is not surprising that the personal life of the star is constantly under the control of the press. To her 46 years she was married three times, gave birth to two sons. The second child of Evelina Bledans was born with Down's syndrome. At the moment, she and her husband dream of a daughter, thinking about even adoption.

Evelina Bledans: a biography of the star

TV presenter, singer and film star appeared in the lightin Yalta, this joyful event happened in 1969. Poles, Latvians, Ukrainians and even the French - what kind of ancestors does not have Bledans! The biography of the celebrity contains a reference to the fact that a rare name for her was chosen by a midwife who took delivery from her mother. The parents themselves were going to name the child Nastya.

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Yalta - the city in which the first years of life passedgirls. Her hobby during the school years was music, thanks to which Evelina perfectly plays the drums. Also, Bledans participated in a local choir, reciting patriotic poems with an expression. For this she was always greeted with applause at the concerts of the concerts.

How old was Bledans, when she becamestudent of LGITMiK? This happened in the same year when the girl received a high school diploma. The artistic entrant immediately won the admission committee, during all the years of training she remained noticeable due to her unusual appearance and temperament. She received the diploma in 1991.

First successes

First about the existence of a future nurse from"Mask-show" was learned by the inhabitants of Odessa, where she together with her friends created a cabaret theater, called "Sweet Life". However, the actress Evelina Bledans was not one of those who could be satisfied with such a modest achievement. Her real career began when the girl came to the casting of "Mask-show." In the issue of "Masks at the Opera" Evelina, interested in the director, received a whole episode, making her debut as a "girl with a flute". It took several more episodes to make the charming Bledans firmly established in the TV show, she was quickly enrolled in the state.

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A humorous program with her participation has acquiredhuge popularity, was demonstrated in prime time. The series helped her to remember the audience, where she tried on a nurse's dressing gown. The image turned out to be sexy, exquisite and humorous at the same time, turning into a kind of "business card" of the rising star. How old was Bledans when she said goodbye to the Mask Show? It happened in the late 90's, however Evelina continues to mention participation in the program among the best events in her own life.

Roles in the cinema

"Nurse", since childhood dreaming of a careeractress, began to act in the student years, but she was long trusted only by episodic roles. For the first time she proved her ability to play complex characters thanks to the telenovela "Damned Paradise". Her heroine is the proprietress of the brothel, distinguished by cunning and rigidity. The show was released in 2008. The first child of Evelina Bledans was born then, she was in a second marriage.

eldest son

Fans have the opportunity to see the star ina lot of modern film projects. In different years she visited Ella in the film "Plato", Frau Oddo in the comedy "Hitler kaput!", The owner of the model agency in the television project "Glamor" and so on. She managed to appear in several American tapes, the most famous of which was the picture "The Barbarian".


Actively starring in films and TV shows, the star does notrefused to work as a TV host. The beginning of the new millennium was marked for her by conducting a variety of popular TV projects. The famous clown had almost no time for the family, which the older son Bledans still cannot forgive the famous mother.

Evelina Bledans husband

In 2004, the talk show "On the Boulevard", inwhereby the “nurse” introduced the audience to the world of show business, dedicated to the secrets of the social events. In 2005, the star was entrusted with the management of the “Sexual Revolution” - a humorous program built on interviews with famous personalities. In 2007, Bledans was invited to the Witness project. Also, viewers can recall the program “Everything in our opinion” with her participation and the program “Love at first sight”.

First marriage

The girl from Yalta does not belong to the number of peoplewho make a career, postponing personal life "for later." The first husband of Evelina Bledans is Yuriy Stytskovsky, whom she met during her student years. When young people got married, Yuri worked as a TV presenter. Viewers can remember him in the once popular video magazine "Puns".

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Unfortunately, the marriage union did not last long, the couple broke up without the scandals that are traditional for the world of show business, to which the former husband and wife belong. Children in the family of Yuri and Evelina did not appear.

The second husband

Yuri Stytskovsky became the first spouse of the famousclown, however, was not left alone. The second husband of Evelina Bledans is a businessman Dmitry, who came to Russia from Israel. If you believe the gossip, dissolved by the press, their romance began even before the divorce of the actress. The marriage took place in 1994, soon after that a son appeared in the family, becoming the first for both.

bledans and her son

Dmitri's personality is still shrouded in mystery, sobecause, due to his professional activities, husband Bledans did not strive for publicity. Unverified sources claim that he even before the wedding agreed to save his incognito.

Divorce actress and presenter with Dmitry took placein 2011, it was preceded by a cooling that reigned in the relations of spouses. The clown herself does not hide the fact that she devoted more time to her professional activity than her family, she calls it the main reason for the gap. The former husband returned to Israel, taking with them their common child.

Relations with Nicholas

The eldest son Bledans was born in 1994,got the name of Nikolai. The pregnancy was unplanned, the 25-year-old girl was not craving for motherhood at the time. The upbringing of the son was entrusted by Evelina to her husband and nannies, the boy was upset that his mother spent very little time at home. When the parents made a decision about parting, Nikolai blamed mother for the collapse of the family.

Bledans and her son from the second marriage did not communicate infor several years, the reason for which was Nikolay’s unwillingness to see his mother. The situation was aggravated by a new marriage alliance concluded by a TV host. The guy didn’t like the appearance of his younger brother, the care for which Evelyn, ripe for motherhood, devotes much more time.

Communication between mother and son was resumed only when the latter celebrated the 21st anniversary. Nicholas agreed to visit a new family Bledans, finally met his brother.

Third marriage

The last (currently) elect actressbecame Alexander Semin. The new husband is very interested in journalists, since he was 15 years younger than his spouse. Alexander's professional activity is also directly related to show business, he is a producer and director.

how many children have bledans

Roman Evelina and Semina began even before herthe official separation from the second spouse, the first time carefully concealed. The marriage ceremony took place only in 2011, almost immediately Bledans delighted fans with the news of her pregnancy. Unfortunately, the newly married couple was in for an unpleasant surprise.

"Sunny Boy"

How many children have bledans? The former “nurse” from “Mask Show” re-became a mother, celebrating 43 years. The fact that doctors fear the presence of a future baby's Down syndrome, a star couple learned about 14 weeks of pregnancy. Doctors urged Evelina to decide on an abortion, but the woman, who woke up her mother's instinct, did not want to listen to their arguments. The husband fully supported Bledans in the desire to save the baby.

Unfortunately, the doctors suspicions were notin vain. In 2012, Evelina Bledans' second child, Semen, was diagnosed with Down syndrome. But the actress and her husband are not going to complain about their fate at all, they are already happy that the baby was born safely.

Since Bledans found out about her son’s illness, she’sinterested in the problems of "sunny children" seriously. The actress even intends to pursue a law, according to which gynecologists have no right to convince future mothers to decide to terminate a pregnancy. The star tries to rehabilitate its own child with the help of the possibilities of traditional medicine and non-standard methods. Her latest attempts include hippotherapy, which implies close contact of the baby with horses.

Rumors that were not confirmed

Evelina and her spouse Alexander Semin repeatedlytold journalists and friends about the desire to conceive another descendant, the disease of the common chad does not bother the couple at all. The actress, whose family is almost entirely composed of men, dreams of a beautiful daughter. Not surprisingly, rumors have arisen that Evelina Bledans is pregnant with a third child. Fans of the clown made such conclusions after seeing a photo in which she appeared in a spacious dress.

In fact, Evelina and Alexander are not yetmanaged to realize his dream. However, the celebrity couple does not reject this idea, despite the age of Bledans. Now they are considering and this solution to the problem, as the adoption of the baby. Will there be a third child of Evelina Bledans - time will tell.

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